questions about Armageddon 2089...



Is the player's handbook required *D&D?

Is the Khazakhstan book a campaign/adventure or just source material?

Any plans for a GM screen?

Khazakhstan is both a source book and a campaign/scenario guide. It fills both roles equally and can be useful in either capacity. The Player's Handbook is somewhat required, but most of what you need can be obtained simply by using the free System Resource Document available on the web.

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all you have to do is download the SRD and print off the pages you need. this saves you money that could be spent on more useful things.
I have the PHB, so that's a non-issue, just curious if it was required.

Can someone give me a better description of Kazakhstan?

to me its quite obviously a module/campaign series foremost. After that you've got a hellofa lot of background info on Kazakhstan. The campaign is interested and still draws on a lot of current newsline happenings as its inspiration (especially considering the bollocks our nation is going through at the hands of our sycophantic PM)... anyway... there's enough Campaign material for a years worth of play (at least!) and some nifty new base class info and vehicles etc as well....

well worth it if you can get it I say..


p.s. also just got Armoured Companies which takes the gameworld in a new direction and my players are going to want to play tank commanders soon if they see these super tanks..!