Question for those who have played ith the new rules


I've been thinking about the one reaction thing and how its gonna affect the bugs, and I was getting really worried for a while since it seems it would slow the bugs down to a crawl but then I remembered Alarm Screach.

So basicallly my question is, how does alarm screach work in these new rules? Does it effectivly allow the arachnids multiple reactions (Of the move variety), so long as its done with a modicum of thought, or has it been dropped entirly?
I didn't look at the new Arachnid rules, but I thought I heard someone mention they no longer had Alarm Screech.
I didn't look at the new Arachnid rules, but I thought I heard someone mention they no longer had Alarm Screech.
:shock: Ok...
What? Say it aint so!

I know that they're only cut down rules for peeps to play with their pre painted figs, but Im sure someone said at some point that the rules hadn't been butchered, just revised, but every week Im hearing about something else that isn't in the game anymore...
At the back of the current rule book the designers notes talk about the joy of watching two players working out the rules and discovering new tactics etc, I might be in the minority but thats the part of the game I liked...
I'm really hoping main rulebook puts all the stuff they've taken out back in :cry:
Ok, leading on from your comment then, does the whole unit need to be within range to react or is it just any member of the squad?

I think Im just gonna have to go to one of these SST:Evo meetings under an assumed name... :D
I know much more than you may believe about the new rules and upcoming releases. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the new set of rules.
I'm hoping I will, but it really sounds like alot of stuffs been taken out, and not much put in. Not a bad thing in all cases I guess, I really liked Warhammer 4th edition for instance, but as I've said before theres no way anyone can deny that was a cut down kids version of Warhammer... and yet strangly better than any of the latter ones.

Can you answer the question about the reactions, or is it a case of loose lips sinking ships? I've got a game coming up and I was thinking of putting some of these new rules in effect so I can see how I feel about them in practice.
The whole squad reacts. Which means alarm screech is not really neccessary. Granted you can't screech and bring your entire army closer, but if two squads of 10 have one warrior in range of reaction, you can move 20 closer and still charge with any bugs in charge range.