Question about the Conan RPG

I'm strongly considering buying the Conan RPG. I've heard good stuff about it and I see that the newer Atlantean addition clears up some of the errors in the original text. I've always loved Conan, but really got interested in the Hyborian world after reading the complete original Conan stories by Robert E. Howard that were published recently.

My only worry is whether or not I would be able to find a good game online. I'm limited to online play, and was wondering if there was a decent enough Conan D20 fanbase playing online to support the purchase?
i don't think there is a big Conan RPG Online Gaming Community...

but there are two thread (if i am correct) on this forum about playing by E-Mail / Forum and about playing with some online tool (don't remember the name of it). you have to search the entries :)

the better solution....go and get some players :)
I'd love to play online too, because of work it's hard for me to play with a group. So I'd really like to try playing online, if any of you online-players could give me a chance to join your group it'd be great!