[Conan] Kudos


Hi all,

I have been a long-time lurker on these forums and an even longer timer fan of Conan stories. I am seriously considering starting a hyborian age campaign using Conan RPG. I have the core rulebook and a few other books that I bought when it was still supported by Mongoose and now the time seems ripe to start adventuring in the hyborian age. I am surprised with the amount of active discussions in these forums about the game. It seems the game is still well loved by many (including me that hate the d20 system but somehow love the Conan version of it). So, kudos to us all for keeping the flame alive.

Since I'm trying to play via Skype due to geographic reasons, is there a fillable character sheet for this game (any version will do: excel, pdf, google docs, etc) as long as it can be saved with the data on it. I recall a pdf character sheet put up by Mongoose but it had to be printed (no saving). In any case, if I can't have one where I can save the data, I appreciate a fillable sheet even if I can't save the data. Thanks and keep on gaming in the hyborian age.


Glad to have you join the forum.
Feel free to ask any questions.
S4 is kinda the rules maven.
I'm less as much, but we get a kick out of the game as well!


Hey, Darwin, did you ever manage to track down any form-fillable/saveable, character sheets? If you're still looking, I have two or three that I pulled from somewhere off the internet years ago. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll shoot 'em off to you.

I also have a pretty extensive Excel character generator that produces a three page character sheet (for PCs) as well as a one sheet summary (for NPCs). I originally pulled this from Thulsa's Hyborian Age website here: http://hyboria.xoth.net/resources/index.htm.

The person who originally created/submitted it, Ian Martin, was using the first edition rules and added only select material from a few of the early first edition supplements (selected sorcery styles from Scrolls of Skelos, the Bandit class from Signs & Portents, to name a couple).

I have substantially updated the workbook. It is now based on the second edition rules with updated feats, combat maneuvers, sorcery styles and spells, class features and skills. I have also, over the course of the last three years or so, been slowly adding in everything I possibly could from all of the game's supplements (everything mentioned above as well as racial sub-types, etc.). I've also corrected/updated a lot of the calculations that generate the stats on the character sheets. This is very much an unfinished work in-progress but I can send it along to you as well should you be intrigued enough to want to check it out. I worked great for my players.

Oh, and Ian Martin, if you're are out there, I sure hope you don't mind that I've taken your character generator and re-worked it so extensively. I wanted to use it for my Conan game (which sadly went into an RPG coma a year or so back and has yet to re-awaken) but needed to bring it up to date with the edition of the game I was using. Now I just kinda pick away at it when the mood strikes. Hence, it not yet being as complete and comprehensive as I was hoping to make it.