Q on Future Releases for Conan RPG


Are there plans to release published adventures for this game, particularly a campaign length adventure?

Sourcebooks are great, but its tough to always create new adventures when you're thirty, working, wife & kids, and have some other hobbies besides running a game.

I ask because some of the things I've read of this game remind me of 3.0 Midnight by FFG - low magic, high mortality & lethality of combat, grim and gritty - great stuff - but that game hasn't been supported with adventures and our campaign petered out, and now I'm GMing settings with more support.

This Conan game is very interesting, and I plan on getting some of the books - I want to gauge how well-supported it will be with published adventures over the course of the next 6 months to a year. Thanks!

(And yes, I have see the web download...)


Hey Crash,

I beleive a few of the announced products coming out in the future are campaign based. In particular "Across Thunder River" and possibly "The Free Companies."



On the Mongoose site they have a list of future supplements.


There is also a pdf download called "The Black Stones of Kovag Re"


One of the board members, Dr. Skull has posted several well done scenarios that can be found on his website.


(The "Curse of the Monolith" in particular was very good.)

Not to mention that a good deal of the standard fantasy d20 material can be converted with little difficulty. One of the Signs & Portents had an article that discussed converting other material to Conan.

Check the links and see what you think.

And I hear you about the Real Life issues. I've got a wife and three kids and a job that all cuts away the game time. Company support is definitely something I look for when buying a game.


Yeah, I can read too fellas - but the titles aren't exactly giving away too much about whether some of those future books are adventures or sourcebooks.

I suppose if a Mongoose person won't come on here and talk about their newest release (Road of Kings which everyone is asking for) then its most definitely asking too much for one of them to come on and talk up some of their future future releases...

That's just crazy! Usually game companies want people asking about their books.


No, it's not crazy.

Those of us with the 'time' to talk (read: those of us who stay up way too late at night when they should be either asleep or getting ready for the next day of writing) are under NDA. We can only talk in vague terms about anything we work on and not at all about things we submitted.

Matthew Sprange (i.e. THE Boss, the Mouth of Mongoose, Sayer of Official Things) and Ian Barstow (The RPG Boss, Editor Prime, Destroyer of Writers who Miss Deadlines) can make official comments. Richard Neale (He Who Keeps Conan, Editor of Worlds) might also say something, but he's busy trying to get the books to you though the minefield we affectionately call games publishing.

I can tell you that I enjoyed writing Pirate Isles. Free Companies presented more problems, but nothing Vincent and Jason couldn't keep me straight on. I'm looking forward to the next project. :)

Oh, and Free Companies incorporates some concepts that, if you've read my other posts or my blog will not come as any suprise at all....but should be great fun.

Current Status: Working on simulations.


Longmont CO?

Small world - I'm from Boulder. Actually my new fave game shop is right there on Main Street - Stonebridge - I'm good friends with the owner. In there all the time throwing down at Heroclix or Marvel VS and whatnot.

I appreciate you jumping on here, it'd be great though if someone unfettered by an NDA could at least give us some hints regarding the future releases. I'm already signed up with the ole "FLGS" to get Road of Kings just for my REH fan-boy-hood, but we might actually plan to PLAY the Conan game if we knew some adventure books were on the way.


Stonebridge is nice . I need to drop by and say hello again....and check to make sure he got Quint Elf II in. I don't need a copy, but it always makes me feel good to see books I've written in local stores. :) A bit of vanity on my part, I guess.

RE: Adventures
Well....there's always the old standby of 'Write one and submit it to S&P'. The magazine is our primary vehicle for providing that kind of thing.

It's not a huge secret that the publishing numbers on adventures barely justify publishing them. I'm not saying Mongoose will not - I haven't asked, and couldn't tell you the answer if I had! So an open comment really is an admission of ignorance on my part.

However, I will tell you that both Pirate Isles and Free Companies include adventure seeds, half page adventure write ups, and extensive information on building themed adventures.

:D Maybe I should offer to run a Conan down at the store. Things are a bit busy right now, but that might be possible after GenCon....