Published Adventures as Convention scenarios or PbP?


Can anyone comment as to whether any of the existing published Conan adventures are good for use at Conventions i.e. playable in 3 to 4 hours or on a PbP?

I have a soft spot for Tower of the Elephant but hear Heretics of Tarantia is good.
Perhaps with some work they could be. As they are written currently, it would take a probaly double that to finish them. Lurking Terror of Nahab struck me as being a little shorter...
I ran Tower of the Elephant at a con in Jan and had a blast. I cut it a bit on the fly but all had fun
Yeah. Tower of Elephant works well at conventions. Both with newbies and vets. I recomend it!!! I'm here at KublaCon this weekend. I may try another published adventure, in addition to my campaign scenario I'm running on Monday.