Psionics in Hyboria

count_zero said:
I've used the Psychic's Handbook in D&D. Granted it is much much better than the Psionics Handbook (don't know about expanded psionics) but at the hands of an experienced player it has a whole lot of potential for abuse. Trust me on that. My DM (who actually got it so I could use it) was not too happy with the creative uses I came up with for many of the skills there.
My advice would be to either use the psychic feat chain from CoC, or "adjust" the spells from the Hypnotism school from standard Conan. Trying to adjust the powers in the Psychic Handbook would just be too difficult (you'd either completely neuter the character or leave a lot of openings for him to exploit).


The Soulknife class from the Expanded Psionics and the Wilder from the same shouldn't be too bad.

The Soulknife Core Class is essientally a class were a PC can make a sword purely out of thought (no other psionic powers). A pc with the Soulknife class can fit in Conan.

Many of the Prestige Classes from the Expanded Psionics Handbook; with the possible exception of Thrallherd and Pyrokineticist; are too powerful for Conan. The Thrallherd gathers minions around himself (and he just requires the ability to manifest Mindlink). The Pyrokineticist is purely the master of fire and does not recieve any psionic powers.

F you decide to incorporate psionics into your Hyborian world, I would recommend not using the XPH specifically. It is way over the top on power level and scholars will shortly be a thing of the past.

If you use all of the options. You don't have to use all of the options from the XPH in a Conan RPG game. If you do, you can change your fantasy into a less "pure" one. You can also use the Telepath Advanced Class from d20 Modern. Much lower in power than the psion, in case anyone is still going to brow beat any Conan DM into playing Conan their way.
You know, when I heard somebody mention that Psychic feats in CoC D20, I went to look it up, and you know what? Those would be perfect for a Conan game.

Theyre low powered, and because theyre designed for a CoC game, they fit quite well in a Conan era game. They would be great for sorcerors. Most sorcerors can read minds, sense mytic stuff and use telepathy without going through a big spell thing.
The insanity stuff seems identical, IIRC.

I use the CoCd20 Psychic rules in Stargate SG1 too. Very clean and easy and not overblow at actually need at least 2 feats to acctively use powers (Sensitive + Other Feat).