Additional crew actions in starship combat.


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Disclaimer: I haven't run a starship combat yet, so I don't know how this will work in practice.

It may be that I am overthinking it, but it strikes me that not a lot of crew actually have a lot of choices to make in starship combat. Gunners: "I guess I'll shoot it". Damage Control/Medic: "I guess I'll twiddle my thumbs until we get hit". Sensors: "Get a sensor lock / break a sensor lock". The Pilot and Engineer are the only two making any decisions, and they're picking off a pretty short list too.
Meanwhile, I've got 7 Travellers to keep entertained, and generally like to give them each a shot at the limelight.

One change I am thinking of making (since I have 1 person skilled at Sensors and one person at Comms) is to say that *breaking* a sensor lock requires Comms rather than Sensors. Doesn't really affect the game that much and keeps one more person entertained.

Anyone have more actions that various crew can take? Any hints on how this works in your game? Am I completely overthinking it? :D


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Check and secure loose cargo.

Help medic prepare sickbay.

Move cargo in front of airlock in case of boarding.

Check the lifeboats just in case :(

someone with mad persuade, negotiate skills could work with coms to try to talk them into cease fire
(probably only good for a laugh, "Cease fire there are children on board"," What the frak? if you expose our smuggling ring JABA will be displeased", "The ship with the valuable cargo just left , If you hurry you might catch them"


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Bardic inspiration.


Funnily enough I do have a Steward action to calm down stressed crew members. But that relies on using my stress mechanics which are not part of Traveller rules.


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Missile turrets don't use gunner skill. Even the steward can man the station when not keeping the panicked passengers under control.