Primitive Weapons and Picts


Someday I hope to start up a Pictish campaign and have been writing down some ideas and house rules. Unfortunately, since I am rather inexperienced with the d20 system, every time I look for an answer it seems to lead to two more questions. I was hoping someone here could help me out with some thoughts.

“Some Pict tribes have specialists to produce the various weapons used by the tribe, but most Pict warriors take pride in creating their own. These weapons include the bow and arrow, the club and the primitive hatchet.” AtTR p78

Does a Pict need the Craft skill to make his own primitive weapons?

Could there be a Craft (primitive weaponsmith) skill that would allow the Pict to make any/all of the weapons on the Primitive Weapons list (Table 6-2)

Should the War Club be on the Primitive Weapons list?
I'd let 'em make primitive weapons with the Survival skill, since the Craft (weaponsmith) is used to make regular weapons. Also, I would allow that since Picts have that pesky racial penalty to Intelligence, which limits the number of skills these people have, so they would learn to make do with other skills.

Just a thought. I don't have my rule books here in front of me.
Yep, I will have to get one of those.

In regards to the original question, the Free Companies feat, Live off the Land, could be adapted to do what is wanted with the bow.
Thanks for the input Vincent.

I wondered if the Survival skill would cover it since weapons would be paramount to surviving in the Pictish Wilderness. I imagine this would only apply to characters born and raised in a primitive culture.

One other question: Both the Blowpipe and Bola are listed as Exotic weapons although the rules for primitve weapons state that none of the exotic weapons can be made as primitive weapons. Does that just refer to the exotic weapons in the core ruule book?