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So.... I've been doing some thinking on the effective ways to build an army in SST... And I'm wondering, what are people's prefered Priority Level? And why? A brief description of which army(s) you play and why you choose that PL would be cool. Right now I'm kindof leaning towards lower PL, mostly because it allows you to go before the enemy, and getting first-strike capacities seems like it'd be a major advantage (Though it might not be, hence the question here!)
I voted PL3 from the perspective of MI, its better I reckon to start moving your forces into positions as soon as is humanly possible.

With Bugs I reckon its less important, as I have found it beneficial to go second sometimes.
If you have points to spare, like with LAMI.

PL 2 with Military Intelligence training, I just might go first in a big enough game, and I get to take special options like I'm at PL 3.
Its good to be a lower PL than your opponent as you then get to choose whether you go first or second (and I pretty much always choose to go second) and hand in hand with that, deploy first or second. Forcing your opponent to deploy first and take the first player turn can give you an advantage. On top of that you get to start the game readied, another good little advantage.

In saying that though, what you want in your force can dictate what PL you are. So sometimes, if your limited in models or want to use particular models then you don't really have a choice of PL, your stuck with what you get.
I like too keep my force flexible and no frills, just enough to choose the PL depending on the mission really. Saying that though I do like some of the air assets at PL1...
Ends up at 2 most of the time though tbh :)
I voted 3 as a mainly bug player. Endless Tide plus big bugs is hard to turn down. As MI I like to be as low a PL as possible. You get a lot of hardware in the squad options and the stuff that awesomeshotdude stated earlier.

Doesn't matter to me, feel equally good on all three. But being lower than enemy has it's nice sides, so voted 1 ^^
for MI it doesnt much matter so long as your not PL1

Because despite what some might think, having your forces split right off the bat like that, is a really bad thing!

and even at LVL2 with SICON ur limiting your options.

and also because youll get NO points for killing, and the MI is good at killing, and not great at surviving.

especially against a PL3 Bug player who now has no reason not to take Endless tide lol!

for Bugs I enjoy PL3, because im very good at the overun mission, and I love my warriors enough to give all of them carrion, plus I just cant get a good handle on playiing bugs defensively, a Hold mission is a bad day for bugs IMO
As a bug player, you really have no choice but PL3, and although I've learned to live with it and use it to my advantage, I sometimes wish I could use 2 or even 1 every once in a while.

I wonder what PL the Forth will be better off with...
Ya, it is. It's kindof interesting. I'd have thought that PL1 or 2 would be the most popular for MI... Especially for Exos, since they're so few in number, and a lucky Plasma strike could see half your army evaporate on the bug's first turn!
As an Arachnid, I like taking PL 2 using the Colony Forces option in the Arachnid Army book. You're a lower PL, but you can still take assets almost like a PL 3 army - two Brains, two Plasma Bugs, two Tankers/Thorny Tankers, etc. The only drawbacks I find to using PL2 Colony instead of a regular PL3 army are the limits on Carrion Bugs (only 1 unit in each Colony force), and the lack of Overseer Bugs at the lower PL level (and why aren't Overseers available at PL2 anyway?).
you also Must be playing a 4000 point force because you need to have 2000 points per Lvl 2 Host

and not many ppl can do that