Post your adventrues and plot ideas


Hi all,
I have searched the internet for adventures and plots, but it seems that it's only the Redsector that has any. I'm sure there are some creative fans here that has some ideas for plots, or even ready adventures that GMs can adjust to their own campaign.

Can't you creative persons post your plots etc? It would be great. Thanks.

I have an adventure, 'The Conspiracy', that I have made and actually taken the time to write down, it's in word and it's for the old B5 rules, but it shouldn't be too difficult to adjust for d20. If anyone want it, just mail me or PM me and I can mail it to you.
It would be cool to have a site for people to post adventures large and small for people to play. I don't mind setting one up if there is enough call for it.
Ok, this is a very sketchy outline of a scenario I ran with my party (it was simply instructions to myself), it is set in the first season before Lennier has arrived. It's a very Minbari-centric scenario.

It also has links into my own larger campaign that you may want to skip entirely (the dreams).

I assumed that Delenn would have some sort of aide before Lenny and that for some reason he was replaced by him. I called him Rathen without thinking about the other (the more famous one), but there has to be more than one Minbari with that name.

get it here
Thanks for your contribution, Perturbatio, I'll look through it and see if I can put it in my current campaign. Ideas are always welcome :D

Ranger66, putting up a page for adventures would be awesome, maybe we could ask in the other forums here for adventrures for the other products?