Polearm Question

A bill, I can see as being a reach weapon

Most poleaxes weren't 10'+ long, but rather most of them had a 6' or 7' shaft at most.
"pole arm" is one of those loosely defined real world terms like "short sword" that cant really be pinned down by numeric measurements. I find that it generally is used to refer to a two-handed hafted weapon that is not a spear and which may or may not have reach. AFAIK real world polaxes were not reach weapons, quite the opposite they were so devistating because they were designed for tight, close quarters, dirty fighting against armored opponents. I have seen things which might match the description of bills and bardiches that would appear to be reach weapons and that would appear not to be reach weapons. [shrug]

However, I agree that there is a severe lack of martial reach weapons in Conan (the pike is great and all, but it is for warriors fighting in formation mostly). I am thinking of trying the following house rules when I start a Conan game:

Bardiche: 2d8 x3 AP5 Reach
Bill: 2d8 x3 AP5 Trip
Pollaxe: 2d4 x3 AP8

I think that that makes for a nice symmetry between the weapons and gives a warrior more choice in how he wants to approach the oh so delicate problem of crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him and hearing the lamentations of their women. 8)