Playtester Copies?


I and my group were wondering if these have been mailed yet. We're kind of excited about seeing our names "in lights" so to speak. None of us have received any emails asking for address, shipping information, etc., so we're hoping that stuff is still on file with you fine folks at Mongoose. Have any of you other playtesters gotten your copies yet?


-Paul O'Neal.

I have not yet received my playtest copy of Conan.

Paul Tucker did e-mail me on the 20th of January to confirm my address.

Waiting is hard, especially when I know that some playtesters already have their copies.

Paul -

Once again, thanks for the quick response! I don't know how in the world I missed the email you sent out the first time. I'm going to attribute it to over-vigilant spam blocker software instead of user error...but that just may be me trying to salvage my ego. :) In any event, I am once again impressed at the courtesy and generosity of you wonderful folks there at Mongoose! You have all shown a remarkable combination of being professional and personable -- a rare thing in any industry. I'm hoping I can once again convince my players to volunteer for playtesting. It was a lot of work, but very rewarding...more than in just the "oh, look, free books!" kind of way. :)

Keep up the great work!!!
-Paul O'Neal.
Hi all.

I am still waiting for my delivery.

Is anybody else still waiting for their playtest copy?