Play by mail?

Thinking about signing up for HYBORIAN WAR by RSI. Anyone out there played or is playing in the game?

Being a long time war gamer, FRP, and Conan fan, it seems like a great way to pass some time and learn a bit more about Hyboria.

I was set up for a game, got the initial package, sent in my first turn with a $5.00 check (that was cashed), and haven't heard back.

That was in October, when the check cleared.

So, no, my experience has been "disappointing". :roll:
My first choice was Zamora, followed by Stygia and then Cimmeria.

They gave me Cimmeria.

You give a few choices for countries you would play to facilitate RSI getting you into a running game sooner.

It will work out for you. I did actually play back in '85 and they were legit.

I am thinking about:

Just received my start-up kit. I chose Hyperborea. Comes with an expanded map of the area which could be valuable for the RPG. I will keep everyone updated as this is a cool side bar when not playing Conan the RPG.

This is an old thread, but what the Hell.

I would suggest trying an organized game of Hyborian War, if you haven't tried one before. Same game, of course, just a different way of getting a new game of it started.