Pity Poor August


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So, there I was n the office one day, thinking to myself - wouldn't it be a whizz-o-whizz idea if we had a short downloadable scenario for Lone Wolf. Something to kick games off with.

So, I give August Hahn a call.

'Hey August! You should write a short scenario for Lone Wolf. Four to six pages will do.'

So, I waited for the scenario to be delivered. It came through - and then I twigged my British accent may not have made itself clear. August had thought I had said forty-six pages. . .

Anyway, the upshot of this is, once we have laid it out and broken it down into chapters, Lone Wolf fans will have a fair-sized downloadable adventure for free!

We should have this in a couple of weeks or so. . .

Oh well, the Mongoose Cyborg was happy to deliver... though I can only imagine what my owner/operators in Swindon must have been thinking...

"My word, it's taken August an ~awfully~ long time to write four pages."


Oh well, the module should at least be a LOT of fun. Hope you all enjoy it!

I have that problem too. I ring someone in America from little old Gloucester and they spend my first five pounds raving about how damn hot my (accentless) voice is :)

You guys should trying living in the US. It gets very interesting at times with a London accent. The best response is in the south, where I've had literally the entire staff of a store gather round to ask me pointless questions just to keep me talking. Yes, the staff were all female, and yes, my wife was there with me...

In the south you feel special with a different accent... but in the north you are often made to feel out of place.

Anyway, that must be an amazing adventure. Kudos to August for managing to pull that off!

*reading this thread and crying as he just finished cutting down his own 24-page S&P submission to about 16 pages*

Entire subcommunities of NPCs consigned to the trash can... Shop descriptions that will never see the light of day... Plot elements summarily removed...

*sobs uncontrollably* oh, the pain, the pain of it all!
haha, well, if they tell you to cut it down, then you could come back and whine... im sure someone would have some cheese