As Nov. 10 draws closer, the day I will run the Beta test of "Crispy Critters" At Carnage Con in Vermont, I'm coming up with more new unique and fun props and gizmos to make the game more fun.

The latest, however, I wanted public opinion on. Consider the following: There will be six people sitting around a large restaurant style table and only one person as GM. Most of us strangers.

What I've done is broken into the woman's scrapbooking kit and got some happy fancy stencils, Stenciled the names of drugs onto labels and will, before teh con, slap those labels on Tic tac bottles.

So, the end result is that previously harmless bottle of green tic tacs is now a bottle of Qualine.

The idea is that hte players will consider it candy (which in real life it is) While I, the GM, consider each pill... I mean, Tic Tac, popped to be the character actually taking one of those pills.

The other idea is I want hte players to think of it as candy as the troubleshooters certainly think of meds as candy.

It also allows the Happiness officer to actually have a stash at their disposal.

What's the opinion? Is is even possible to monitor and control half a dozen pill bottles? Will the players sneak in a tic tac here and there? WIll I have a lot of overdosed troubleshooters?
I realize I'm way too late for your post's intended purpose, but I just wanted to say this idea seems brilliant

it reminds me of the SPAM in Mr. Bubbles: a quick and easy prop that really enhances everyone's gaming experience

so now that you tried it, how did it turn out?

also, has anyone else tried something like this?