pdf charactersheet with forms



Any chance you guys could put up a editable character sheet where one could type in the sheet directly?
I am working on it. But it takes time to do the froms. As soon as I am done I will send it to MongoosePaul and he will see about getting it on the website.

Give me a couple of days and It will be ready.
I'm Still Working on the Forms version of the Character sheet But i have run into some computer Problems not related to the task but holding it up none the less. I hope to have my problems fixed tonight and then I will get back onto the Conan Character Form. Hopefuly I will have it done by Saturday so I can send it to Mongoose Paul so It can be available by the time the Book hits the streets.
Didn't get it finished saturday as I had hoped but I should be done with it Today and have it on its electronic way to Mongoose Paul This evening.

The sheet will have form feilds for all entry sections of the Sheet and will be selfcaculating for the most part. My thanks must go out to Dcarney who made a very nice onepage B5 Form, I borrowed sevral of his formulas for use in the Conansheet which were much simpler than the ones I was trying to use.
bolen said:
How does one do this. I don't have a full copy of adobie. Is this an option in adobie.

Yes if you have the full version of Adobe you can add fields to make a normal PDF into a Form. If you know how to use script you can make one do justabout anything (i am justa beginner but there are some really cool things that you can do).

While anyone with the adobe reader can fill in and print the form you will need the full version to actually save your information. Still pretty handy even if all you have is the reader and like your sheets to be neat.
:D I hope I'm not stealing MongoosePaul's Thunder, but I just noticed that the Form Fillable sheet is now up on the download page.
Printer Friendly Official sheet now finished and on its way to MongoosePaul. Hopefully it will be available for download soon.
When you select Disable Device as a cross class, it automatically selects Diplomacy as well. Please Fix.
Aesa the Swift said:
When you select Disable Device as a cross class, it automatically selects Diplomacy as well. Please Fix.

Sorry about that, this error and the other you pointed out have been corrected. I will send a fixed copy to Mongoose Paul to replace the one on the download page.

If you will E-mail me at the following address I will send you a fixed copy since it will probably be monday at the earliest that the new one will be put up.