Paranoia Super Mission Generator (Open-Source)


After being inspired by the online PARANOIA XP Mission Blender by Alan De Smet, I developed my own PARANOIA mission generator and open-sourced it to the general public. If you like it, please leave me a review so that I can constantly improve on it and make it better.

Some new features that I added to the generator:
- An attempt to create an over-arching storyline to justify all the content in the mission
- A lot more content (including new missions, character generation, locations, complications and some "floating" content to throw into the game)
- A "permalink" to the mission, allowing you to return back to the mission again if you want to revisit it
- The ability to "railroad" the generator to produce output that you want: for example, if you want a generated mission with the word 'zombie' in it, you can run "railroad.rb" to continually generate missions for up to 30 seconds, and to present you the 'zombie' mission once it finds it. (The manual has more information about this feature if you're interested.)

  • Sample Mission (to get a good sense of how the generated output looks like)

Note: The generator assumes that you are running XP, however, it should be very easy to port it over to Troubleshooters or to RCE (due to the rule-lite nature of PARANOIA).