Paranoia’s 40th Anniversary in 2024


Cosmic Mongoose
OK, so it is a way out still, but nevertheless fast approaching. Good things often take that long to plan.

I was wondering what anybody else’s thoughts were regarding Paranoia’s potential releases in it’s anniversary year. Here are a few suggestions:

- A Kickstarter for a Classic Paranoia Box Set release. Probably more likely to be based on the more well known 2nd edition than the 1st, but maybe not (I can see both arguments). Either way, it could model Chaosium’s recent examples of successfully Kickstarting Classic Editions of RuneQuest and (especially) Call of Cthulhu, this year. The stretch goals/bigger pledges could also include reprints of Paranoia scenarios to fit in the box, and maybe some more general POD releases on

- A Deluxe 40th Anniversary Box of Current edition Paranoia - Maybe in a bigger box with more dice, cards, scenarios and possibly some revision of rules, based on feedback. This could be Kickstarted too, potentially, but just set the dates apart.

Anyway, what would people think?
Argh!! both options sound really good :D

As much I would love to see some revised rules for the new version, I would die for a 40th edition box set of 1st or 2nd edition. I love the idea of looking back for such a big anniversary rather than at the current generation, but that's probably just me.

(delurks after a very long absence)

I would definitely support an anniversary boxed set of 2nd edition. Like one of DC Comics' "Absolute" editions. Everything that was good about 1st turned up in 2nd anyway IMHO...

A new edition of the regular game is crying out for more worldfluff detail. There was some brilliant stuff in the Kickstarter edition, and the new rules were refreshing - but I really missed the information on the setting. Sure, I could fill the gaps, because I've been playing since 1988 :D I haven't bought the follow-up boxed sets (drifted away from the hobby due to real life and career getting in the way) but I'm told some of the setting and rules clarification issues were dealt with in those; some of that info could be folded back into the core.

Have to admit that, while I am now in a position to change down a gear and possibly start gaming again - hence my reading the forum - I like the legacy/anniversary set idea, for reading, more than I like the idea of a new edition for playing. If I do start up again? Probably both :)
Now we know that there is due to be a Paranoia: The Perfect Edition coming, I guess that overrides a need for a anniversary specific edition in 2024. I’d still like to see a Classic Anniversary edition release though, Kickstarted as necessary.

Regarding the Perfect Edition, I heard that it won’t require cards any more? What other design features could/should there be?
Maybe a new Flashbacks containing all the best of the perfect missions. (Because all the none-perfect missions don't exist.) It could be updated to the Perfect Edition.
Noting that, on the current release schedule, the Paranoia Perfect Edition appears to be set for both a physical and PDF release in December. Will the physical book be released just before the PDF? Because, that would be novel.....
Given the current trials of printing and international freight shipping, the December date for the physical release is a prediction at the moment - we will keep you up to date as we learn more...