Out of lurking...


Yhea, just to say hello and all that.

I have been lurking around for some weeks now and thought I'd pop out and say hi.

Just to say that the more I read the Conan RPG book, the more I like everything about it. Everything. And that, without even reading a single Conan book in my whole life (yhea, i''m ashamed... really i am...). I bought it because it was on sale for a ridiculous price, and because a friend wants to run us through a Conan campaign, and bought the book as well.

Hope Ill have something more to contribute at a later time.

Hi and welcome! It is indeed a great game based on some great books. My advice to you; read some of the original stories by REH. They're pretty sweet. :)
I'll read them the moment I can... i wish I could take my friends grand Conan collection and read (he'll be the one running the game) but sadly (for me) they are all in Russian... and while I can read Russian, I'll understand only the cursing :?
Welcome arnon! The Conan RPG is great because it captures in game mechanics the Robert E. Howard Conan stories and world. When you get a chance , read the original unedited Howard stories. You will be happy you did! 8)