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Should we have an on line Conan RPG ?

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  • Whats an RPG then ?

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I notice there are some on-line games for some of Mongooses games, how much interest would there be in a on-line Conan game on these forums ?

Or would you all lothe the idea ????
I’d be there al ready
Hope you save me a spot if you decide to start one

I think on line games present a great opportunity to try out different character combinations
I would have to learn more about it. Is it more like video games, or closer to pen and paper RPGs? (I detest the former, and admire the latter.)
Is it the same as PBEMRPG?
Online RPG Games are more like a PBEM game or paper/pencil/dice game, however it isn't really wise to do round by round combat so tend to be more interactive/plot/investigative in style. Have a look at the games going on on this site for B5 and the like....
There already IS a conan online RPG coming out, along the same lines as World of Warcraft and Everquest.

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned earlier, really.
I've heard of Age of Conan, and seen the site months ago. It looks just like a video game and nothing at all like pen&paper RPG. Furthermore, you must start as a commoner (gasp!). Oh, the horror.... :shock:
Then they talk about developing the character to level 40. :shock: yikes!
I don't know...I think I'll play it safe and stay with Mongoose's Conan RPG for the time being. There's so much potential, I think I'm here to stay.
Well "age of conan" is a video game, and for much fun that it might be, you are chainned with what the programers have decided.
Well "fantasy ground" seems very interesting... alway thought that someone had to do that... so people could play online in a more natural way.
Well playing in forums was always very slow... never checked out the on-line gaming here in the forums... but i don´t think it´s a bad idea...
There is also an online gaming tool called kloogewerks ( that allows for lots of added functionality (hit rolls, damage, spells, etc). I am currently working on a definition file for kloogewerks that will make it possible to play Conan over the web - incorporating things like damage reduction, armor piercing, finesse, sorcery, etc. I should have a preliminary version ready within a few weeks and I will post an announcement on this forum.
I run many online games and tournament games in person.

I have run Conan via OpenRPG and am currently running my ongoing Throne of Blood game via a message board/forum/Play by post style game here:

I run 6 online games (2 via OpenRPG and 4 PbP). I also play in a half dozen online games too.


I also started a new in person Conan campaign on Sundays if anyone wants to join it (email me if you're local to metro Atlanta, GA)

Anyone wants advice/help drop me a line. I'm well versed in online gaming.

I'd love to see some games here and would sign up for Conan.
Crom help me, but I'd also sign up for one, though only if it was what I suppose you would call "pirate friendly." Nothing worse than playing a character who has skills and abilities rarely come into play, and I want to try my hand at playing one.