Omega confusion


I was reading the Earth Alliance Fact book, specifically the section on the Omega Destroyer, when some things just would not add up.
The Alpha Model stats list 2 twin-linked heavy lasers (1 fore, 1 aft) , a twin linked heavy pulse cannon (boresight), and 2 hex-linked particle beams, as well as 6 interceptors.
The diagram on page 116 indicates at least 6 dorsal and 6 ventral cannon mounts (3 each per side), and puts "forward guns" on the bottom of the forward section, not the top where anyone who watched B5 knows there to be guns. The diagram does not indicate any guns at the top of the front section.
I have looked up other images of the Omega, consulted the series, and count at least 16 cannons. There were two beam-type cannons on the front (top of the front section), at least one rear beam cannon, and 12 cannon turrets. Check, and tell me if I am wrong; the rear beam cannons I remember from the series.
What is wrong with this comparison? Am I missing something, or are the stats flawed? I am good either way; I just want to know what is going on.
Where are the guns on the Omega, and does the Fact Book have accurate information on it or not?

The CGI shows(and you can check it easily from the miniature too!):

- 2 big turrets, on each side of the forward hull; can fire laser or pulse shots;
In the game these are the laser cannons and pulse cannons, mounted together in one turret ("1 twin-linked laser" means two lasers fire-liked together, same for the pulse cannons. Of course, we do see that in the show they often fire one laser and then the other, but it seems Mongoose tagged them together to speed up gameplay and make recordkeeping easier - if that disturbs you, make a house-rule that each twin-linked laser is treated as two non-linked lasers in your game...).

- 12 little turrets, three on each side of the square main humm (4 forward of the rotating section, 8 aft), firing small pulse-type shots;
These are the particle beams in the game (see above for linking - hex-linked just means six P-Beams together...).

- 4 small tubes aft, right next to the main thruster nozzles, one seen firing lasers once and all four seen firing pulses another time;
These are the aft laser cannons on the Alpha Model (linked again in this game), and the aft medium pulse cannons on the Beta Model.

The interceptors are not seen anywhere, as by the fluff they are very, very small defensive turrets that are usually retracted (just like the Babylon-5 Interceptors!). According to TWK (those who know, means those people who paid good money for the license to talk about the B5 universe and have their worde be more then mere fan-based rumor - in this case it was Agent-1 when AoG held the license and he hed to come up with explenations for inquisitive players like me :wink: ) each "interceptor" in the game actually consists of several of those small turrets, grouped in one system for easier game-recordkeeping purposes (BtW, that's also the reason why counting the small gun barrels on the Vree Xorr and comparing it with the game info will confuse you!).

And there are no guns in the lower section of the forward hull - the diagramm is wrong there, the "Forward guns" notation is pointing at the big sensor/communication antennas!

You see? It adds up after all! (well, except for that diagramm of course)