Old Runequest Newb


About Twenty years ago, I stood in the local game store with 30 bucks in hand and a copy of runequest (AH ed.) in one hand and a copy of Warhammer FRP in the other. When I finally made my decision, I went home with WFRP! I still don't regret that, as I thought that WFRP was a great game, and got lots of enjoyment from it, but never went back to buy RQ.

About five years ago, after many years since my last tabletop session of any game, I was surfing the net and came across a site selling RQ 3e for $4.00 new! I reached for my credit card...

So here I am, I have read and appreciated RQ3, but never played, and now I own my new .pdf from drivethrurpg.com (thanks for releasing e-style mongoose!) Are there any online chat based games going that I can join ATM?