RIP Richard Tandy.


Banded Mongoose
I commented to someone when I first decided to get into the game a couple of months ago that it really took some freaky twists of fate for me to take nearly 45 years to get into the game when I loved RPG's and was playing them (TSR) out of the gate, but never did Traveller for some reason. As one of the first real musical passions I had was this album, this song, I have vivid memories of listening to it on mom's 8 track while reading .. rereading many times Asimov's Foundation series and letting my imagination wander to far off worlds and events 1000's of years in the distant future.

RIP Richard.. you might have been overshadowed (barely perhaps) by Emerson and Wakeman but you were on the short list of best keyboardists of the 70's

oh the 70's.jpg

but if the shirt didn't say it all (my first concert by the way was seeing you on that 78 tour) but what does say it all was this song ... listening to it today instantly transports me. Back in time.. and forward in time