Old D&D adventures appropriate for Conan?


I'm fondly remembering some old AD&D adventures I played through in my youth, and looking at the PDFs on RPGNow wondering what would work well for Conan. Obviously, there will need to be some conversion work, but in terms of storylines and locations, does anyone have any "classics" they'd recommend?
The Desert of Desolation series ( I3 - I5 ) was excellent. The most suitable for conversion to Conan would be I3: Pharoah - a really good Egyptian/Stygian feel to it (Altho, I would suggest dropping or changing the mind-altering maze - it didn't go over too well when I played it). Also, I1: Dwellers in the Forbidden City has a good Lost-City-In-The-Jungle vibe going on, and the Yuan-Ti can be subbed out for Serpent-Men.
If you are willing to modify alittle,

The giant series might work....modifying the size back towards normal and making them an adveserial barbarian race.

Also, the Slave pits of the undercity might also work, with modification. I remember one of them had this huge slave pit/cage within which my group staged a revolt. We actually rolled for each attack and damage way back when...took us delirous hours...