OGL Space


With the realse of D20 Future, and a couple of others, should Mongoose real a book about space ruleset? It would interesting to see rules for designing, starships, planets and galaxaies, pc and non-pc robots (other than OGL Cybernet), xenobiology: playable alien races and many other futuristic stuff found in many different scifi genres.
I would say yes. There were elements of D20 Future that could have been done better. Others are good but it tried to cover too much in too little pages.

If they produced a book that focused on space I think it could be much better than Wizards offering, at least in that area (Which is what I bought it for anyway).
An OGL Space would be very inetersting. the question is how many different types of campaign it would handle. If it could do all of space-navy, space-traders and rbeels-in-space camapoigns, then i would be on it in a heartbeat.

And if ti could handle the on-the-fly creation of reasonable alient, that would be fabulous as well.

And we know Mongoose can do science fiction because I;ve heard good things about Babylon 5. I wonder if they'll ever land the Balkes 7 license?
I think OGL Space would be awesome. Especially if it does space opera well. I would want to see something that is not hard sci-fi or at least not completely but could be hard sci-fi if a GM or group of players wanted it to be. This coupled with OGL Cybernet would be really cool I think, then if we could add in psionics by either using psionics from D&D or other products or having them in the Core OGL Space book, either way would be cool. I like everything about D20 Future in every way except for the fact that the FTL drives on the star ships are not fast enough for serious space opera, and The D20 Modern Psionics system only goes to like 5th level powers I think, as does the magic system. So something that would intergrate well with the D&D Psionics and Magic systems or have its own systems for these things would be cool. Something that is relatively simple but still fairly detailed for starships and starship combat would be cool. I actually think I like the starship combat rules from D20 Future, though I have only read them, I have yet to play them. Or perhps there could even be an OGL FX book with Magic and Psionics and the Like that could plug in to any of the games since psionics is often a staple in the cyberpunk genre as well. Magic can also fit intto these, genres if done right. Anyway just my two cents worth.

Sounds like a great idea to me. d20 Future is very broad and thin - leaving all kinds of room for someone do add depth in a specific area. Personally, I'd love to see a good spaceship construction & combat system.
That sounds pretty cool... I'd really like a OGL Space book with more of a focus on cosmotology and player/character desine.
With the release of D20 Future, any other company who release a straight Space book is committing financial suicide. The market share in that type of book is already gone.

Mongoose are taking a different approach and going for Genre space rpg's like Babylon 5 and the imminent release of the Starship Troopers Rpg and the Wars Rpg. Both of which I have playtested and both of which will be awesome.

Starship Troopers for the Militaristic thrill of destroying Bugs and Wars for the scope of the politics, factions and sheer Space Opera'ness of the game.

I am really looking forward to both releases.

Sam :D
I would like to see medival space rules, without harking back to Spell Jammer. Characters of about 10th level have the capacity to get into space with spellcasting. Right now, it's mostly suicide with a few options for the creative player and game master to play with.

Mark Charke
Actually one way to take the book could be more options for space ships, planet-based vehicles, mecha, stuff like that. More options for types of controls, more types of weapons, different sensor systems, more constrcution options. Basically you could build onto D20 Future.

Why, you could do stuff like give a mecha a time travel device, have it go back in time, and have a couple of guys figure out how to put a hot rod in place of the badly damaged head.

It could work, and chicks dig giant robot cars. :wink:
I think OGL space would be a good idea, and it wouldn't violate the d20 liscence as long as you avoid certain specifics which you can find from wizards.