OGL Fairy Tale & Shrek 2


Okay, I just saw Shrek 2 on Sunday and I must say, number one, that it is quite hilarious and number two, it would fit in perfectly as an OGL Fairy Tale campaign. Cant wait for the book to come out.
For some reason, I am having flashback of previous game sessions years past involving Toon by SJG. That this is a wise idea, I seriously doubt. That it might be fun, there is no doubt.

That people could stomach it in large doses... well, doubtful in the extreme, but hey one-shot games can be just as fun as ongoing campaigns
Well...I guess you could do that with the system.

Mind you, it is much better suited for running a session where 4/5ths of the party is under the infulence of different illusions, and the 5th is possessed by insane jealousy.

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A writer (like, say, me) cannot officially comment about whether or not a product is 'in development'. There is a LOT more to putting a book out than a hack (again, say, me) having an idea and doing some design work.

However, Matthew did mention it as something for the future. So....in the future, perhaps there will be a Mongoose book titled OGL Fairy Tales, written by someone possibly named Shannon Kalvar...or not. Depends on all sorts of things I neither know nor have any control over. :)

Ambigious enough for you? :D

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OGL Fairy Tales!? Holy crap! That would be awesome! Though I hope it's portable enough to send, say, D&D or d20modern characters through. I got Fantasy Flight's Grimm, and it's good on its own, but isn't very friendly with non-child characters getting involved... The farther the OGL books stray from standard d20, the harder they are to use..

So far, so good, though! I hope this bears fruit... :D

<chuckles> Well, since no one else did it:

Congrats on the baby on the way, mate! Here's hoping the ultrasound comes through clear and the sklavarette is healthy!

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:D Thanks August!

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Congrats Shannon! Parenthood is awesome! Buying a house during pregnancy is not! My wife felt the need to move when she was 7 months pregnant and still one month left of the school year (she's a teacher). Needless to say... I did the brunt of the work... but I love her... so it was no problem. All in all, it was a good move. And little Trinity is now 8months old and a total blessing!

As for your upcoming books... Fairy Tales? Kung-Fu? Awesome! Keep droppin' those ambiguous hints! :)

- Stratos
Well, Fairy Tales is a tease.

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Oh come on now... I believe you... but also heard a little rumor about a OGL Chin...

please don't kick my butt! I've seen the old Carradine show! :)

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GAH! Tease? No... that's a perfect book for OGL... Who wouldn't want to have stats for the Big Bad Wolf, the three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, Cinderlla, Snow White, etc?? That would be frelling great! Especially if it didn't break the "standard D&D d20" mechanics...

Small Construct
Hit Dice: ½d10 +5 (10 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares)
Armor Class: 14 (+1 size, +2 natural armor, +1 sacred bonus)
Base Attack/ Grapple: +0/+1 (with puppet strings only)
Attack: +0 Nose Poke d4-1 (see Special Qualities)
Full Attack: Uncontrolable Flailing +0 (2d4-1)
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft (unless using Nose Poke, see Special Qualities)
Special Attack: none
Special Qualities: Nose of Lies - Pinnochio's nose grows 1 ft every time he tells an untruth. Under these circumstances, his nose can be used as a tool (much like a 10 foot pole, prodding for traps and so forth) and as a club-like weapon that does d4-1 damage per poke or swing. Also, as a Construct made from wood, he cannot be healed by normal Cure spells, but Mend would work in its stead. Also, any character with 3 or more ranks in Craft - Woodworking can "repair" him of d3 HP worth of damage by making a Skill Check at DC 18.
Saves: Fort: +2, Ref +0, Will +0
Abilities: Str 8, Dex 11, Con - , Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 15
Skills: Handle Animal +4, Knowledge - Arcana +1, Perform - Dance +3, Perform - Sing +4, Sense Motive -2, Survival +1, Swim +1 and Use Rope +2
Feats: Innocent (New for the OGL Faerie Tale RPG - the character has some quality that forces others to either take pity or advantage of. This Feat would provide a character with the benifit of having all NPC encounters adjusted up one step for the purposes of influencing NPC attitudes ; EG: Hostile becomes Unfriendly, etc. This Feat also provides a +1 sacred bonus to Armor Class.)
Environment: any, except the Plane of Fire
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: less than ¼
Alignment: Neutral Good
Advancement: 1 HD ("real boy" Template)
Level Adjustment: -

Sorry, I just couldn't resist!!!
Yo do know that most of the characters you posted about were, even in the relatively tame Grimm tales, involved with rape and relatively ugly murders?

You can go lighter with the design I have (all the way to the Fairy Books/Shrek light) but by default I run very dark Faery games. :)

skalvar said:
Yo do know that most of the characters you posted about were, even in the relatively tame Grimm tales, involved with rape and relatively ugly murders?

You can go lighter with the design I have (all the way to the Fairy Books/Shrek light) but by default I run very dark Faery games. :)


I'm fully aware of that... But I was thinking more along the lines of Shrek. Or maybe mesh the Shrek universe with D&D. Have the tools, and let the DM and players decide what kind of game they want to play, y'know?

What about a Wizard of Oz campaign (which is in public domain) which incorporates Fairy Tale and Steampunk.....would you buy a sourcebook for that?