OGL Cybernet vs. OGL Ancients

Which you rather buy now (and which would you rather have later)?

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Okay, I am officially stoked about both of these books. However, I have a limited budget. I've already picked up Judge Dredd, like I said I would and am contemplating my next big Mongoose purchase. Being, that I am currently unemployed, and only get an allowance of $10 a week, it will take me five weeks to save up for either one of these books. So, I hand to you guys to sell me on which is better as a have it now product (or in five weeks as the case currently is) and why. The reason I bring this up is that I recently acquired Twilight of Atlantis on eBay for about $5 and would love to integrate to an ancient campaign, however, I am more drawn to Sci-Fi and more of a D20 Modern/Cyberpunk combo. So, which would you rather buy in my case?
Buy them both you fool!

Seriously though, they both rock - each in there own way.

It really will depend on what you feel like gaming...

They are both top notch.

This is a question I've been pondering recently as I would like to buy both OGL books but have been holding off as I already have a very large stack of unplayed games. I'm trying to play some of those unplayed games before I buy new ones to add to the pile.

I have game ideas of both Cybernet and Ancients but I think I will probably buy Ancients first. No particular reason execpt that I'm slightly more inspired for some mythic action at the moment.
I own both, voted for Ancients (already had Cybernet).

Which is better? Both. You can't find 2 RPGs more opposite of each other than ancient Greece/Egypt and Cyberpunk. The rules in both have some good, innovtive stuff compared to the majority of D20 offerings.

If you want to play right away go for Ancients. You won't have to create your own setting.
Thanks Lowly Uhlan! That is good information to know. On a side note however, will Twilight of Atlantis incorporate into OGL Ancients well? If not, how much house ruling do you think will be necessary?
Well, I have to say Ancients. Just reading the book, I feel that I'm there. We have read history, and read the myths of these lands. We have seen movies like Clash of the Titans, and Jason and the Argonauts. My point is, it's easy to imagine working with these storys to make it feel like your characters had a hand in shaping the world we live in now. Maybe your characters did something that enabled Hercules to complete one of his quests? Maybe one of you characters can change what happened to King Tut. Were you in Alexanders army? Just having such rich stories to draw from.......
Thermopylae. Spartan scouts shadow king Xerxes' armies as they drive into Sparta, and the Spartans get ready for the last stand of king Leonidas. Maybe a little divine intervention (a deal made with a god for short term gain that ultimately dooms Leonidas). I can't think of a cooler idea for an adventure.