OGL CyberNet Supplements?!? - Your Thoughts Requested!

i would like to see more books like chrome that give lots of equipment and game ideas. Plus i would like to see corp books like the orginal books.
What about what vehicles or classes would you like to see?

If you're gonna do vehicles then do them properly. By that I mean include a good range from your standard family car to the top end performance machines. One thing that really annoyed me about D20 Modern was that there were something like 10 sports cars listed in the stats and one family sedan... I mean really, whats more likely to be sitting on the side of the road?

I dont walk down the street and see porsches and jaguars in all the parking spaces.

I think you get my point :p

More weapons and some smaller less usefull but cooler cyberware items (I'll have to think about this one and get back to you, course I think this one has also been mentioned a number of times and you might also have enough ideas here that you dont need any help)

As for classes, well that kinda depends on the setting, a lot of the more generic ones are already covered in cybernet. I dont know much about what you are doing with the background so I cant really think of anything that would be appropriate.

(edit: I knew something looked wrong about porsche :p)
Missing Cybernet Fighter Jet; Crew 2, Passengers 0; Cargo 500 lb.; Init: +4; Manoeuvre: +2; Top Speed 3,000 (300); Defence 14; Hardness 8; Hitpoints 50; Size G; Purchase 45; Restriction Mil (+3)

2 x 30mm cannons (see Table: Vehicle Weapons) mounted in a front firing arc.
Mixed Missile Array; Up to Six of any payload (generally symettrical)

There, Stratos. Happy? :)

I'll chime in now. I have no played Cybernet before, and probably wouldn't play it anytime soon. However, if supplements were released for it with equipment, vehicles, weapons, etc. then there would be a very good chance of me buying it and converting to Judge Dredd. It really depends on what was included, but I do like some of the ideas suggested in here.

I would also consider a scenario, but once again, I would look at converting it.

sonny sixshooter said:
Notto be rude guys... but would you hurry it up please! The more I hear about this, the more impatient i get. The suspense is killing me!

Don't rush them! They have some really killer stuff for you guys. You are going to be blown away!!!! :shock:

'til next time...
Casper... er... "Sonny"...

I'm pluggin' away as fast and thoroughly as humanly possible. If only I had some of these cybernetic enhancements I keep refering to...

- Stratos
Feel free to reprint them. It's OGL, baby. :)

And yep, I'll see you next week, my friend! Wouldn't miss it for the world. :)

baileyrecords said:
Casper... er... "Sonny"...

I'm pluggin' away as fast and thoroughly as humanly possible. If only I had some of these cybernetic enhancements I keep refering to...

- Stratos

I know I know. All I meant was to show my eager appreciation that it's being done, and that i can't wait to see what you guys make of it. REally looking forward to it.

And yeah, a pair of "Typers" wouldn't be amiss, or a plugin printer directly to the infojack at my temple... well, I imagine.

Keep it up, guys! Good luck.
Ok I know it's been a while since anything happened here, but one of my players just suggested something that I thought would be really cool. Cyber implants that makes everything look black and white. Like you're in a film noir. Maybe even give those "movie scratches" to reality. It could be used to give the green Matrix tinge to everithig as well. It would be a great prop for a noir gang. Just style I guess.

- Casper
sounds like a small firmware mod on most cybereyes or maybe just a setting option :)

unless your talking about doing it with normal eyes, that would require the cyber to patch into the optical nerves and edit the signal somehow. imo cybereyes are easyer as then it just becomes a fluff/style thing...