OGL Cybernet and "Rocker Boys"


First off thanks to those who answered my "Full Borg" Post! Secondly, has there been a discussion on an equivalent Rocker Boy claas for OGL Cybernet?

Intresting, Do you think you could simply take the corp class and just use the contacts skill tree, and other treefor rocker style contacts and goods? Then focus on Perform skills? Not to mention Bluff, and Intimidate.

You what? Bow? Greatness? Uh . . . <looks around> You can't be serious, all I did was ask the question, will this work? so, uh, I guess it does??

Hmmm, I will have to remind myself to get the cybernet book out and double check my answer. . . . Some how I think maybe fixer could be a good match as well.

you have the advanced character class known as the celebrity. have the "rockerboy" start out as any class but pick up some perform skill (and dimplomacy or bluff) on the side (no base class have perform as a skill class however). and then when they hit 6 ranks in perform (and diplomacy or bluff + the renown feat) they go for the celebrity class ;)
That is precisely why the Celebrity class was created for Cybernet. I left it open-ended enough so that it can be used for anyone wishing to develop fame, but it was intended for rockers first and foremost. :)