OGL Ancients - online material?


Hi there,

I just joined the forums as a result of buying OGL Ancients and discussing it a bit on rpg.net.

Author Adrian Bott mentioned there's a possibility that material that was cut from the book for lack of space would make its way into existence as an online PDF. I was wondering if there's any news on how close this might be to completion? *Hope, hope*



Unfortunately I'm guessing at this point that everyone at Mongoose is too busy, and/or OGL Ancients did not sell well enough, to merit the work to set this material up as a nice looking PDF. :( Which I can understand, but honestly, I personally would be happy with just a text file...! :wink:

The King

Cosmic Mongoose
OGL ancients was probably a one-shot book. However I read in www.rpg.net that many material wasn't included due to space limitation. And I would appreciate to see this material online or perhaps as a companion book.