NPC/monster sheet


Does anybody have a suitable record sheet for NPCs and monsters?
Its a bit difficult to keep track of combat, injuries etc. and I dont want to use full character sheets.

Im looking here for a decent npc squad sheet for when running a group of guars, trollkin ect.
I have done NPC sheet for humanoid-like characters - 2 characters for one page. It is made on Openoffice 2.0 Calc.

It has some automation included:

fill up form (characteristics, choose weapons, armors, etc.) and some things are automatically calculated.

Might not be suitable for you but maybe you can try?
HasseO said:
What program do I need to open this format?

Openoffice suite.

I created Microsoft Excel version of it too. Hopefully it still works, I don't have Excel to try with:
HasseO said:
Hej Johan,
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Hoppas du blir uppskattar när det väl är färdigt och släpps. När exakt det blir kan jag ej säga i dagsläget. Så snart som det är möjligt...


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Squad Sheet 1.0 available, just follow the link in my signature and you will find it in the RuneQuest section of the site.
Version 1.1 is available.

I would apprecite feedback on how well the sheet works in actual use when playing, since I will not be playing RQ for quite some time yet. Suggestions on alterations will be given serious consideration, and if at all possible/makes good sense, will be done.