NPC Cards - FINAL DRAFTS (All classes!)


Ooh, ooh, me sir!
Is it because you only made them for the Hyborians?

And the source of the starfish quote

Proud and confused. :?


Mayhem said:
"I am yours to command, save, perhaps, in the matter of preserved echinoderms."


Here are the same sheets grouped by race rather than level.

The observant may notice the lack of the Scholar. A candied starfish for anyone who can tell me why, and identify the source of teh preserved echinoderms quote :D

1) Mongoose never released stats for them, so you only did them for Hyborians.

2) The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett:

"Ah, Gorphal,' said the Patrician pleasantly. Come
in. Sit down. Can I press you to a candied starfish?'
"i am yours to command, master,' said the old
man calmly. "save, perhaps, in the matter of
preserved echinoderms . '


OK, I've finished proofreading the Thief. Here is what I found:

1) Finesse attack bonus is the same as for Melee, ie. it's calculated as BAB+Str as opposed to BAB+Dex. I also noticed that this seems to be the case for the other Classes as well.

2) Above level 10, everyone has to many hitpoints. It looks like Con-bonus continues to be added for levels over 10 (Con should only be added for the first 10 levels). Again, I noticed that this seems to be done for all Classes.

3) I was going to say that Dodge may not be taken as a first level feat, since it has Base Dodge Bonus +1 as a prerequisite. But then I saw this little rule that says that "racial bonus feats" may ignore this type of prereq (AE, page 18 ). I don't think that this refers to the bonus feats you get for Favoured Class, but it might. (Personally, I think this prereq of Dodge is a bit silly anyway, but if you want the stats to be by the book...)

4) I don't think the Sling should have Str added to damage and AP (see AE, page 123, under the subheading "Ranged Weapons").

5) The class feature listed as Trapfinding is actually called Trap Disarming in the rulebook (I'm giving you all the details I found now :) ).

6) Poison use is misspelled (details...).

7) Nothing wrong with this, just a question; why do the thieves of levels 1-4 have Sneak Attack Style (Arming Sword) when they are armed with Short Swords? Wouldn't it be more natural for them to start out with Sneak Attack Style (Short Sword), and then pick up Sneak Attack Style (Arming Sword) at level 4? Alternatively, have them armed with Arming Swords from the start.

8 ) With the skills, I just can't seem to get the numbers to add up, but I might be missing some bonus or so. These are the numbers I would calculate for level 1:

Hyborian: 36 ranks from Class, 8 ranks from Background skills (4 at 2 ranks each) and a +2 Adaptability bonus for 2 skills.

Zamorian: 36 ranks from Class, 2 Background ranks to Sleight of Hand (also Open Lock and Disable Device, but they are not listed) and a +2 bonus to Sleight of Hand (I don't know if you include Circumstance bonuses)

It seems that the total number of skill points is to low for both the Hyborian and Zamorian. Also, a number of the Hyborians skills seem to high (Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently and Spot), although 2 of those would be due to Adaptability. Do you perhaps allow the Background skills to be added on top of the restriction of Class+3 ranks?

As I said, I might very well be missing something when it come to these calculations.

Cheers, and thanks for your work on this stuff!


I finished proofing the Barbarian cards. I used the current version of my character sheet so if I missed anything it probably has to do with the differences between the original and AE versions of the rulebook. The problems I found were:

1. Finesse attacks use Str and not Dex as reported above.
2. Hunting bow applies Str to damage. I'm not sure if hunting bows can be strength bows. I think I've seen a thread that debates this but I can't find it at the moment.
3. Akbitanan weapons apply a +1 to hit. This isn't shown on the cards.
4. Himelians are missing the Quick Draw feat at 6th level (but only 6th).
5. Not an error but a question: why do Himelians switch to scimitar instead of zhaibar knife at 10th level. The zhaibar knife has higher damage.
6. Two-handed weapon Str damage modifiers aren't rounding (i.e. 7.5 not 7).
7. Kushites are missing the Quick draw feat at 6th level (like Himelians).
8. Another comment not an error: war swords can be used two-handed but aren't. This would give Nordheimers greater damage. This may apply to broadsword and scimitar as well. I'll have to check.
9. Max Dex due to armor isn't being used. This shows up with Pict Dodge bonuses at 18th level.
10. Southern Islanders aren't getting the benefit of Weapon Focus (hunting spear) when throwing the weapons.

Overall the cards are excellent. I didn't check the hit points carefully but they seem fine at least at lower levels. I also ignored the skills. Thanks for sharing these!




The reason I had the question about war swords is that they are listed as martial weapons when used 2-handed and exotic when used 1-handed. I forgot that Nordheimers have weapon familiarity with war swords. My mistake. It makes sense to list 1-handed weapons as only being used that way. You're right that it's a pretty trivial matter for DM's to make the change if they want to.

I agree about making hunting bows use strength modifiers but I thought I'd raise the subject to see if anyone else knew the answer since I'm curious about the matter.

With regard to skills, I think my character sheet is now ready to calculate skill modifiers and it can certainly calculate total skill points at each level. If you want to send me the optional ability score progressions (i.e. those taken at 4th, 8th, etc.) I'd be happy to work out a total skill point matrix for all the classes. After that it would just be necessary to decide which skills should be purchased at each level and I could give you a table with the skill totals by level. Or optionally I could give you my table of general skill modifiers so that you could import them into your database. That would mean you would need to create the skill calculations though.

Again, thanks for creating these cards. I think they'll be useful to a lot of people.



Let me preface this by saying that I have very little knowledge of MS Access (which I think you are using). For my character spreadsheet I created a formula that calculates skill points including separate totals for Int, Race, and Class points. It relies on knowing the initial Int score and if/when Int changes due to optional ability increases. I don't know if you can steal the formula and insert it into your database but I'll make the offer.

I also created a table with race, feat, synergy and noble regional bonuses. It's in Excel so it shouldn't be too difficult to import into Access. If you want me to send you a copy I'd be happy to.

I guess what this boils down to is that I'm willing to help if you want to tackle the skill calculations. The current skills are perfectly adequate for most applications and if the NPC is really important the DM is likely to make up a full character sheet anyway. I'm just compulsive about loose ends :)

On a separate note I'm curious about what software you used to create the cards themselves. I was thinking that it might be nice to have blank cards that the DM could fill in for unusual or multi-class NPC's.



Okay, I've completed proofing the Noble cards. A few issues:

1. As for the barbarian cards, the strength damage isn't rounding for Chagas.
2. I'm not sure that Chagas get +1 damage with spears.
3. No armor is shown for any of the races. From the DR's I've assumed that the NPCs are wearing chain shirts and steel caps for levels 1-8 and switch to breastplates at levels 9+. Please note that if you intended mail hauberks at levels 9+ then the movement rates for Hyborians, Stygians, and Vendhyans will be reduced due to encumbrance. I only discovered this because I guessed wrong the first time.
4. None of the bows are being treated as strength bows.
5. There is no strength bonus applied to melee damage for Hyborians, Stygians, or Vendhyans.
6. As with barbarians, Akbitanan weapons are not getting a +1 to hit.
7. Hyborian noble's regional bonus with broadsword never increases after +3.
8. Stygians aren't getting a +1 racial bonus to attack with Stygian bows.
9. Stygians and Vendhyans are missing a favored class feat at 5th level.
10. I noticed that the Vendhyan damage die for scimitars is "D8" and not "1d8" as with the other entries.

With regard to the skills, I think I understand where you're coming from now. I sounds like you have a pretty good handle on the total skill points and skill modifiers from race, etc. It will be a lot of work if you have to manually input how many ranks of each skill to take at each level. Not having much experience with Access I can't offer any advice for how to automate the distribution of points. Perhaps someone else on the forum with more experience could chime in with some helpful advice ...

I'll probably take a break from proof reading the cards for a while now, but if no one steps up to help for few days I'll take a stab at another class or two.