NPC Cards - FINAL DRAFTS (All classes!)



The sheets above are complete - except for equipment and final proof reading.

It is possible that some synergy bonuses slipped the net and are applied earlier or later than they should be, or not at all.


Volunteers for proofreading always welcome!

If anyone would like to suggest suitable items of equipment for these guys, increasing in quality every 4th level or so, that would save me a job. It needn't be the spending of the entire budget, nor the inclusion of every tiny item - just the major things a GM might include when describing the guy to players, or the stuff that is particularly worth looting!.


Notes to self:

Showing the Racial Abilities in a "Racial Abilities" box. This is very easy to arrange, a little data entry and then just a matter of making room on the sheet. To save space, it will only show stuff like conditional modifers that cannot be incorprated directly into stats.

Can the text be made smaller without compromising clarity?

Scholars: A Stygian Demon-summoner, A Khitan acolyte of the mystical martial-arts, and a Pelishtim Independant, are the additional scholar NPCs I intend to create.

I have assumed that 1-handed weapons are being used in one hand, to allow the use of a shield where appropriate - otherwise, they may as well have a 2-handed weapon. The sheilds will appear in the Equipment section when I get around to it. Since the shield modifer does not always apply, it will not be included in dodge or parry values.

I'd like to add the combat manouvers that a given character qualifies for to their sheet, but thats a lot of work.

Borderers are not even started - I've been concentrating on getting the others right before adding the borderers, since some of the updates affect the base table.
Might as well get the base table right first, I reckon, before adding a new class.

In order to cut a corner, all of the NPCs will end up being paragons of their race, in as much as they will always spend skill points (or INT points if it isn't a class skill) on their background skills. This might result in a little re-arranging of feats - for example, I gave the Chagan Noble the Dabbler feat so that he had a better use for his Knowldge (Arcana).

Conditional skill modifers are not included in skill calculations, nor should they be.
Very nice Mayhem!

You might want to ask Vincent, If memory serves me correctly, he made those NPC sheets, he might be able to answer your questions.

Am looking forward to seeing the end product for these. I had a look at the Barbarian cards and they look very useful. There does seem to be a couple of mistakes in them that I'm not sure you are aware of.
levels 3 through 6 he is missing a feat but catches up at level 7.
The base parry and dodge bonus for class look like they have been swapped around.
It looks like he is using his broadsword in 2 hands, getting 1&1/2 STR bonus on damage and should get this bonus on AP as well.
Hope that helps
Mayhem said:
Thanks Azza.

I welcome any mistakes being pointed out to me, so that I can make the required corrections.

However, in one matter that you raise I believe that I am actually correct - I cannot find any rules reference that states STR Bonus from two-handed weilding is applied to AP.

Check this link out Mayhem
Hey Mayhem,

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this, this is going to be a great help. Count me in also in the proofread.

I am so looking forward to seeing this!!!!!!!!

had a couple of minutes to spare so had a very quick look at the soldiers NPC cards.
Here is a list of a few things for you to have a look at.

Dex mod is showing as -1 upt to 9th level, 0 from 10th to 17th then 1 after that.
Something is wrong with the Dodge and Parry calculations. They are very high
All the characters seem to be getting double their DEX added to Initiative.
All the Grapple bonuses seem to be twice what they should
None of the weapon focus bonuses are adding in.
Bossonian soldier takes a useless feat, mounted cmbt. bossonian bow not useable from horseback.
I noticed at some levels that the Gunderman's pike damage is rounding up instead of down.

Hope that helps some, and will do more checking later.