Nordheimir And Their Axes


Should Nordheimir have +1 damage with all axes as well as swords? It just seems like they are always depicted with big axes (Frazetta!) and even Ymir, their god and his frost giant sons prefer them over swords...

I suppose a fair option would be to allow a Nordheimer character the choice between +1 to damage with all swords or axes.

Any thoughts on this?
Isn't the Bardiche (which is supposed to serve as the Nordheimer equivalent of the Danish housecarl's axe) mean enough already? :twisted:
I think it would be reasonable to give them the option. Justification could be, as you say, religion and traditions or even that some parts of the country favor the axe over the sword.
With the big axes, realistically, there is a bonus for power, but you pay for it in time... ie, a fast warrior can get in "under" the blow.