non-Glorantha magic system


How would you go about doing this?

I am probably going to skip Glorantha but buy into MRQ with the rulebook, companion, monster book and Lankhmar. It's going to be a while before I get them and I am thinking of how to do a more generic magic system now. My thoughts so far: magic will be rare, so I will use the POW 16+ to be mageborn; treat the runes as magical 'principles' which when learned enable the ability to manipulate the principle in question; build more elaborate magic skills on this foundation. So, any of you Stormbringer, RQ, or other BRP fantasy rpg gamers have any suggestions, advice or help? Lend me your combined experience, please! :)
It sounds like the companion will have several more magic systems to work with, so you are not just stuck with the Rune Magic that is in the main book.
I always liked the idea of using a Stephen Donaldson "sunbane" -esque spell casting system, where blood is sacrificed to cast a spell.

I actually used this in a RQ3 session where a village were having to sacrifice to a demon who was providing them with powers, such as growing crops, making water flow etc. System used POW + HP to cast which was interesting.

Worked very well.

Demonology is also something I'd happliy flesh out!