Classic Fantasy Coming to the Legend System

I had heard you were looking to choose a new system for your Classic Fantasy book. I really can't wait for this.

One question: Will the Legend version contain all the rules in the Classic Fantasy book? Or will it be similar to the BRP version and continually refer back to the Big Gold Book (well in this case the Legend book)?

Ok, two questions :)
Combat Actions, going to leave them in or are they out for CF?

I think this is a little out of date as the last post was Janaury. CF is now going with RQ6 rather than Legend according to the author.
Kudos to Design Mechanism for throwing their support behind this project. While it's a bit sad that we won't see a version released under the OGL, it's still a book that I'm looking forward to. The BRP version was good, but it was obvious that there was room for a LOT of expansion. I'm hoping that the RQ 6 version will be successful enough to spawn a couple of sequels....
Rod will be including a version of the RQ6 rules as part of the book so there should be no referring to another volume like there has been in the past.
Oh damn, I didn't notice the date on the posts, I came across this thread from a Google search.

Still, RQ6 is a good choice, and good to know the RQ6 rules should be part of the book. I loved CF but hated jumping back and forth between books.
RQ6 shouldnt be a problem to us Legend gamers, they're practically the same, arent they? Don't have RQ6 yet, so not absolutely sure though.
@Verderer, run, don't walk, run, over to the Design Mechanism site where you can get a copy of RQ6 Essentials for Pay What You Want so you can try it out before shelling out for the full version.
Yes, no harm in that. Although I think that as I will be getting the new CF in any case, and as it contains a version of the rules, I think that will suffice?
strega said:
@Verderer, run, don't walk, run, over to the Design Mechanism site where you can get a copy of RQ6 Essentials for Pay What You Want so you can try it out before shelling out for the full version.

Oh wow. I have the rulebook but this is just amazing for people who don't and want to know what Runequest is like. I got three guys in my group who downloaded this and were just blown away. Serious A+ Good. really is *THAT* good. Probably one of the best RPGs to be published in the last decade. It fixes a few problems in MRQ II / Legend and adds some cool new features. There are a few things that I wish it did differently, but overall its impressive.

Legend is a great way to introduce newcomers to the system, but RQ 6 is the logical next step. (One advantage of starting with Legend is that it doesn't come with the unfortunate reputation that RQ has acquired in certain gaming circles - some people think of it as a slow-moving simulationist RPG that's overly focused on details while others think of it as associated solely with Glorantha setting. Neither perception is true, but they are both out there...).
Oh wow, sorry I didn't get over here until now.

Ya, RQ: Classic Fantasy is coming along nicely. I'm in the process of converting and integrating all of my previous material over to the RQ6 system. It will contain all of the awesomeness that is RQ6, less the parts that were really RQ setting specific stuff, and have added to it all of the stuff to make it a terrific way to enjoy all of those old adventure modules you have sitting on your shelf, without all those pesky levels.

As a gauge to my progress, I'm about two thirds of the way through the tome that is RQ6 and just converted my first monster today... the giant bat. Ok, not really an earth shattering monster, but yah gotta begin somewhere. :wink: ;-)

You can ever have too many giant bats in your game! :lol:

I don't know whether it's useful to you, but there was a discussion here a while back about different ways of converting between d20 and Legend. Most of the comments should also be valid for RQ 6.

I'm glad to hear that you're making good progress - I'm looking forward to seeing this!