New to the Conan RPG

That's a very good point I always forget to make, you know I should take another look at that book, thanks! (Unfortunately, since I'm such a slow reader, I'm still on the GM book of the Shadizar boxed set :roll: ) I think everyone who has picked it up will heartily recommend The Road of Kings.
Damn! I bought the Core Book and almost immediately the Shadizar box set, now I'm thinking about buying Aquilonia HC and the Road of Kings. It's too much! I can't stop!
My list so far:

*Conan Core Book (I just noticed that I got the older version) :cry:
*Shadizar Box Set
*Aquilonia: Flower of the west

Scrolls of Skelos and Across the Thunder River sounds great too.
I higly reccomend ROK. It's really just more core book...stuff that just wouldnt' fit, no matter how much they wanted it to, but that is basically core, essential material.

If you plan to use a lot of magic, or if you have a PC sorcerer in you group, then Scrolls of Skelos is next, otherwise I'd say Pirate Isles. It's also got the most useful info to add into a game, IMO.
unless you are the DM if so choose a adventure or both at £5 they are worth it as a base as well as a ready to roll adventure :twisted:
Well, personally of the two currently available (in the new world), I'd recommend The Coming of Hanuman over Black Stones of Kovag Re. I find terribly big assumptions are made regarding how the adventurers will act in Kovag Re, it uses a city for an internal investigation which has no game maps to back it up, and the climactic encounter at the end has even more assumptions than the earlier part of the adventure.

By comparison, Hanuman has more options regarding possible character's choices of actions, it certainly promises death depending on how they go through the adventure, but it can reward FP and XP depending on the outcomes given. And since both of these are PDFs, they can be obtained immediately.

I'll pick up Tower of the Elephant once it's available here, but that makes another assumption (that Conan didnt' do anything in the famous story of the same name), instead your group's players will. If GM and/or players don't like this assumption, they're better with something like Hanuman. I pretty much buy whatever is released for this game, but I won't run it as presented to my group, since I just had the tower destroyed in the previous game year. (We'll have to see how the adventure offers changes from it's basic path).
which is why both heratic and tower are good its the city around them to use as a base for adventures as well as the adventure and both are in my opinion miles better than the current pdfs 8)
That's cool, it's just going to be a while, weeks probably, before we see any of these products across the pond. But good point to use them anyways.

While adventures aren't fleshed out in the sourcebooks (Pirate Isles, Road of Kings, etc.) they do have adventure hooks which can be fleshed out by GMs. Of course, since this thread is for new prospective GMs, I agree that ready made adventures may help them.
it is a great help I use alot of homebrew for example almost 85% of my slaine campain is mine but having a city base is a great start and is a great help 8)
I rather use the adventure hooks to think about an original adventure, that's not gonna be too hard. I've read a lot of Conan and almost every single thing I've read could be made as a complete adventure.