New to Slaine


Hi Ladies n Gents,

A friend of mine has finally decided to start running a Slaine campaign after much hinting on my part. I have now rolled up my suitably hard-as-nail warped-one, tribal warrior, but I need a good name.

Anyone one got a good names list or can recommend any good sites to find one?


welcome to these boards old boy glad too have another slaine head a site for names gotten from the brilliant slaine yahoo forum(well worth joining)is
Yes it is great to hear of some new blood to the tribes in here and you could always look up irish/celtic names on the net?

You will have to let us know how the game goes.
sounds cool...

i found a website that offers names based on american census info

ok.... i dont remember if I found it, or if someone else did and showed it to me... so here
Here's a link to a rather good site for Celtic names;