New Setting for Legend: Sheoloth - The Sprawling City

The Wolf said:
Thanks Prime_Evil for grabbing Blackrock, and thanks for the comments.

No problems. A pirate haven is very useful for the kind of campaign I often run - you can never have too many hives of scum and villainy! Have you considered updating it as a Legend-compatible product as a side-project? Given your close association with the product line, you might be able to attract a wider audience.

The Wolf said:
Matt, superbly put and yeah - you don't have to worry too much on riding me to do more Legend books. I'm really enjoying the work I'm doing on the line and I hope there's another Spider God's Bride book in the pipeline.

That's good news!

The Wolf said:
I'm not far off finishing up Cults of Sheoloth: the Dark Mother. It's taking a bit longer since I've been looking at making the cult quite unique and the book fairly indepth in terms of information you can use to create all sorts of interesting complications for players as a GM, as well as enough info for anyone to play a follower.

It might also be worth discussing uses of the cult as a potential adversary for surface dwellers who either venture into the depths or who stumble across its intrigues. I could easily imagine the cult maintaining a network of spies and informants on the surface. After all, there's always a demand for surface elves on the sacrificial altar...

The Wolf said:
I have spells left to do, equipment and then the detailed info on the NPCs. It was decided that we wanted to at least stat up some of the NPCs in the book and some other things rather than leaving it as vague as Sheoloth was.

I also think a few generic NPCs would also be useful - a typical priestess, a cult assassin, a temple guard, etc. If nothing else, it would give us an idea of what the anticipated power levels of these individuals might be...
Great feedback Matthew and good to hear the progress made Wolf, thanks!

As an aside, how would the Drow War campaign arc translate to Legend? I have never played/run it and don't own the books but in the spirit of all things drow, I became curious about it. I am aware it was written for D&D 3.5 so I understand some of the issues in converting the books, I just couldn't help but wonder. :?:
msprange said:
Tal said:
So this won't be a printed book?

We may well do a short run of this title (we certainly have of several others!).

I personally hope there'll be a good run of a printed version. Just so that I'll have time to get mine!
Sod it.

I really shouldn't have considering I've just forked out £800 for a new (to me) car, £75 for tax, and £25 for insurance....

But I bought the PDF.

I hope it's worth it! LOL (I'm sure it will be....)
I bought a hard copy at last (I've had a home printed copy till now).

Such a nice book, just no idea how to approach a flip-side game of "bad--guys".