NEW - Name Creator

Mongoose Si

Since I always have trouble thinking of names for characters and NPCs, I've added a random name creator to my Star Stuff website -

There are hundreds of human names (first & last) resulting in over 250,000 possible combinations!

The are also some names for Centauri, Narn & Minbari but it's difficult trying to find lots of examples of names for these races (see this thread). I will be also adding Drazi names soon based on Elfman's Drazi name generator.

Your comments & suggestions, as always, are most welcome and if you can think of any more names to add in, please let me know :)

I hope you find it useful...
I've just had a quick play with it, and from 5 minutes generating random names it seems fine. Sometimes, coming up with original sounding names is harder than generating a set of unique stats or a character premise in itself. Particularly Narn names...

Nice one!
Thanks GhostDancer for yet another useful ressource !

Your web site is becoming a great ressource for B5 GM...
Keep up the good work.
Thanks for the support :D

I have got a few more things planned to go on the site. However, I'm a bit burnt out with everything I've done so far so I'm having a short break from it all before I get stuck into the next project...