New mek chassis for the future A2089 universe: Agitator mek


Hi, Team Mongoose!

Have you ever played Command & Conquer - I`m sure you have....can you remember a certain tank,which was able to infiltrate a hostile fortress by digging itself into the ground?

I`m sure you could adapt this idea for a new mek chassis. These meks are able to invade a fortress, without being detected easily....
With a big drill, they could be able to borrow into the ground. On the one hand there should be small, but fast ones - on the other hand there are big ones, which are able to transport some special troops.

Interceptors will be deployed by defenders......

On the other side of the drill hole (in the middle of the enemy base) the mek will put its drill on his back..... in order to fight its enemies!
Perhaps this so called Agitator-mek or A-mek can be deployed as a suicide mek by detonating in the middle of the base.

I hope you like this idea - perhaps somebody can give me a little review :p
It sounds like a nice idea, but I don't really think it would work as a type of Mek. Its more the kind of thing you'd keep as a tank, and then it'd most likely be a transport.

Either way, any half-decent seismic sensor is going to pick up the activity.

As for the suicide idea, it'd be much more logical, not to mention much much cheaper, to just nuke the place with either tac nukes or full blown nukes. Rather than waste the mek/tank and its crew. Given the expense of training new crew each time.