New class: The Noodnic scavenger

Ok, heres a stab at a non kai character class, the Noodnic Scavenger - I guess once heroes of magnamund is released, that will give me more ideas, but for now, heres a tentative first draft. Its probably more likely to have a Noodnic only party, since such creatures can neither communicate with or be understood by other races.

Noodnic Scavenger

Noodnics are a race of large intelligent rodents, about 2 feet in height, who inhabit the tunnels driven through the mountains surrounding Hammerdal, the capital of Durenor. Clad in multi-coloured scraps and patches, their numerous colonies survive by stealing anything they can lay their paws on, however large or unwieldy. Their fur fur varies from fawn and brown, to light shades of grey, while their clothing is made from whatever bits and pieces they have been able to filch from passing travellers, with complete disregard for colour or pattern.

Combat Skill and Endurance:

To find out a Noodnics Combat Skill, pick a number from the random number table and add 10. Due to their small frames, Noodnics must subtract -6 CS when engaged in melee combat, although ranged combat and climbing tasks use their full value. Because of their size, Noondics treat daggers as swords, or spears if mounted on a stick, and shortswords and two handed swords. They may not use anything larger.

To find a Noodnics Endurance, pick a number from the random number table and add 10. Due to their hardiness however, Noodnics add +10 to all tasks based on resisting poison or disease.

Noodnics also have the ability to see in the dark.

Scavenger Knacks:
Noodnic scavengers are adept at living in their tunnels, and develop knacks for dealing with tricky situations, gaining one Knack for each rank they acheive. Initially, Noodnic characters start at rank 5, gaining further Knacks each time advance in rank. Some Knacks provide Bonuses, just like Kai Disciplines, equal to half the Noodnic Rank, rounding down.

Tooth and Claw
Sometimes you just have use your own natural gifts if without a weapon. Noodics with this knack are adept at biting of clawing their targets, suffering -2 CS penalty for fighting unarmed, rather than -4.

Nose for Trouble
Noodnics with this Knack, are constantly alert for trouble. They may apply their Bonus to hear approaching footsteps , smell if food had been coated in rat poison, or detect hidden rat traps, or prowling cats.

Sleight of Paw
Noodnics with this knack are adept at picking pockets, palming objects or general filching, applying their Bonus to such tests.

Rat Speaking
Still rodent in nature, a Noodnic may converse with and command ordinary rats to help them, or provide useful information in their thieving pursuits.

Scavengers are adept at making clothing, armour or even weapons from anything they find. Those with this knack may fashion such items in a few hours. Any weapons fashioned in this way ignore the usual -2 CS Improvised penalty.

Scavengers excel at remaining hidden, or sneaking up on unaware human. They know the best spot for an ambush or vantage point, lurking in the shadows of their tunnel homes, applying their Bonus to such tests.

On their own, Noodnics are not effective warriors, but sometimes, when faced with a hostile enemy, they amass, swarming over a target. Those with this knack gain an additional +2 CS when attacking a target already engaged.

Noodnics are adept at climbing, especially to retrieve trinkets and shiny thing. Those with this talent may apply their Bonus to any climbing, leaping or acrobatic tests.

Turning Tail
Sometimes, you just need to get away, and Noodnics with this knack are adept at leaving a combat, they have got themselves involved with. They gain +4 CS to all evade attempts.

Noodnics are gregarious in nature and those with this Knack are adept at picking up rumours from other noodnics and even humans - they learn to grasp what the strange big men talk about. Noodnics may apply their bonuses to all attempts to gather information, pick up rumours or understand and eavesdrop on the larger man folk.

Starting Equipment
Noodnic Scavengers start with a patchwork set of clothing, a slingbag (holds 2 backpack items) and a small sack (holds up to 50 crowns, or another 2 backpack items). To find out how many Gold crowns they have managed to purloin, pick a number from the random number table. They also start with any 5 of the following scavenged items:

Sling (Weapon)
Dagger (Weapon)
Spear (Weapon)
Shortsword (Weapon)
Leather Jacket (Special Item, adds 2 to your ENDURANCE)
Meal (Backpack Item)
Potion of Laumspur (Backpack, one dose, restores 4 ENDURANCE)
Trinket (Special Item, worth 3 GCs)
Buckler (Special Item, grants a +1 Bonus to your COMBAT SKILL)

Scavenger Rank
As a young Noodnic rises in experience and rank, they will be given titles and privileges within their community- those that proves themselves may even become Pack Leaders, responsible for their entire community.

Rank 1: Pup
Thanks - I think it would be great for a bit of comedy relief in a more serious campaign. Who knows, they could be an interesting companion to a Kai lord with Animal Kinship.