New B5 on DVD ?

Iain McGhee

I had a look at this month's Dreamwatch magazine and there is an article in which JMS states that he plans to release a series of DVD-only B5 stories. Nothing finalised with the studios yet, but talks at an advanced stage. He intends each DVD to contain three half-hour stories with the possibility of stories set before, during and after the TV series.

Of course, it's not the first time that he's tried (and unfortunately failed) to revive the B5 universe but fingers crossed......
This has been announced in a few other places, it looks mlike a goer, it's taking so much of JMS' time that he's had to slow up on releasing the B5 script volumes as he hasn't the time to spare to write the intros.

Very glad to hear this, work been keeping me somewhat busy lately such that I have not heard this one yet.

Any idea where it falls in terms of time line etc? Pre 2258, post 2263 etc?

I just pray it is not another legend of the rangers sort of thing...still makes me shudder that one does.
JMS mentioned that the first release would be set just after "Sleeping In Light" but after that he may pick stories from all over the timeline.
Well the question is raised, " What happened to David Sheriden?"

Did he open that gift from Londo? Did he become a ranger? Ranger 1 perhaps?

Also,...."What ever happened to Mr. Garibaldi?" (the last one is a geek reference and was thrown in there for your entertainment.)
If you read the Legions of Fire novel trilogy you will find out about David Sheridan and his keeper.

Mr Garibaldi (I know it was a pun) features in the Psi Corps trilogy, particularly book 3.
Damnit Greg, spoiler warnings please

It's my own fault, I've owned the books since they were released and never gotten round to reading them yet.

I finally read the Corps Trilogy earliler this year.

Well given that you've read the Psi Corps trilogy, the only two likely options are The Technomage and The Centauri Trilogies. It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out.

Besides, I really don't think telling you where the events played out are a spoiler. As JMS says, it isn't about knowing something is going to happen, it is about the context in which it happens.

Also, is there a statute of limitations on spoilers? Surely a book 8 years old should be well past its spoiler date.

I too dislike spoilers. But Babylon 5 is long done and dusted, so spoiler warnings should not be neccesary (with the exception of Lost Tales).