JMS is ACTUALLY doin' it... Oh rapture!



I am elated to hear this...

We all know about the "Lost Episodes" that could be coming out... but here is proof... straight from JMSs mouth:

JMS said:
J. Michael Straczynski announced a new Babylon 5 project.

It's called Babylon 5: The Lost Tales.

It will be a direct to dvd collection of 20 minutes stories set in the b5 universe that will feature the prominent characters.

These stories will expand on the characters that were previously established. The only character he mentioned would not be covered would be G'Kar since he believes no one should ever voice G'Kar except for Andreas Katsulas, who passed away earlier this year.

Warner Bros has greenlit the project and he says production starts this September, hoping for a DVD release in the second quarter of next year.


The biggest announcement I'll paraphrase: Every 6 months, I get together with WB to discuss what to do something with B5. The DVD sales have raised over 500 million in revenue. Now, I produced B5s 110 episodes at about 90 million dollars. Somehow, B5 is still 50 million in the red. Every time I mention that to WB they say We made a good deal, huh? Anyway, they asked if I wanted to do a feature film but I declined mainly because I can't yet picture structuring a B5 movie as long as [Andreas Katsulas] and [Richard Biggs] insist on staying dead. Maybe in a year or two I'll be able to but right now I can't do something big and those two roles will NOT be recast.

So I thought about it, and I suggested a bunch of short films. Little mini-movies or an anthology show set in the Babylon 5 universe. I pick a character and develop an hour-long story around that character. Stories that I wanted to tell during the B5 series but never had the chance to develop. They said, Okay. I said I wanted complete creative control. Do not change my words that I write, and I want that in writing. They said, Okay. And I want to direct. They said, Okay.

This project was green lit less than two weeks ago. Its going to happen. Production starts in September in Vancouver, Canada. Post-production will occur from October to February with a release of the first three anthologies in the second quarter of 2007.

Just wanted to share all this great news with everyone. I remember we had mentioned it but there was no confirmation over when and if he had control or not.

Well, here it is... fresh.

Anyone see a new beginning for B5... or am I just getting too excited?
I love B5, best sci fi series ever. Please I don't want a flame war with trekkies.

Re watching all the DVD's at the moment, just bought the crusade series on DVD and buying many of the books.

New stuff from JMS is certainly fantastic news, let's hope it is as good as it COULD be.

Slightly off subject, it is good news that the studios are giving this a green llight, they tend to scupper the really good interesting series. I was a really big fan of firefly, a superb cowboys in space series by the buffy guy. Just as it was getting going the lousy studio killed it. If anyone hasn't seen firefly, give it a try, think you might lilke it....

Cpt Kremmen
Celisasu said:
I'm surprised it took almost two months for it to get from there to here. :lol:

I posted about it at the time of announcement :p

I have to say, I've got a bit of The fear about me on this announcement. It could be the awesome, but JMS has never really matched B5 in terms of quality writing, either TV or comics.

I'm hoping it won't be another Legend of the Rangers...
While new B5 is a welcome prospect, I have to wonder at the format. 20 minute inserts into/between the existing stories? Maybe JMS can make Greedo fire first...
Re watching all the DVD's at the moment, just bought the crusade series on DVD and buying many of the books.

New stuff from JMS is certainly fantastic news, let's hope it is as good as it COULD be.

Me too!

And I didn't realise that Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin) had died :cry: That really sucks!
I think its gonna blow, JMS just looked at his bank account and realised that new Porche he wants is a little pricey!

Anything after season 4 of B5, blows huge smelly chunks, including carrots :x
Sorry for this gap in my B5 Knowledge but who was Tim Choate? I'm one of those people who has stupid amounts of pointless trivia knowledge about the B5 Universe but ask me to name the actors who played so and so or to name the episode that x y or z happened in and Im stumped :p.

Same with Star Trek really :p Ask me to name the date of frist contact and Im fine but ask me to name the date the MOVIE was made and Im clueless :p
Tim Choate was the Zathras character I believe...'No, you are not the one...'

I look forward to the new stuff. At the very least it'd be cool to see the ships we all know on screen again using modern CGI.

And yes, <EDIT>Han</EDIT> fired first. There's no room for any other interpretation.

Edit: silly me, what was I thinking...of course Han fired first.
Heretic!! Han shot first cos hes a git. But lets not get into 'how Lucas screwed star wars' you can buy the original versions now anyway :p

Oh and in case anyone doubts my geek credentials from my previous post: April 5th 2063 :p

(thought techically thats the ORIGINAL date of first contact, after borg interfecence it took them I believe another day or two to fix the ship etc)
why would I do that? If Id wanted to google it Id have done so before the original post :p (I did however google Tim Choate, and found this site: