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Good day to you all.

It is my pleasure to make a great announcement.
Not that I am father again (at least, not for now, I have serious RPG to work on :wink:), but to tell you of the new kid on the RPG block, and one who'll ring a bell for every gamebooks lover: Scriptarium (with a "a").
This is both the name of the NGO started up by a dozen french speaking aficionados and of its main relay, a fanzine.

We do not come from nowhere. We were instrumental in releasing high-quality Lone Wolf products at Le Grimoire (the French LW RPG editor) : translations from Mongoose texts, but scenario writing too, and rule and background developments (with the help of Joe Dever himself in 2009), still integrating all the available datas, including the latest ones (as mini-adventures and novels).
We met at Le Grimoire, and we learnt to work together and, more than that, to _love_ to work together. It then came naturally that we wanted to go one step beyond. And now it is. Scriptarium.
We won't explain here why we are taking that route (that’s not the place). But one thing is for sure: we do love Joe Dever's masterpiece and it is our will to pay tribute to it and contribute to its continuation and development in the most faithful possible way. For us, for the fans, for the reader. For all.

Le Grimoire will continue translating Mongoose texts, we prefer expanding the world and the game (keeping consistency beween both editors, of course).
Then, should some people be interested in this project, they’d be more than welcome! OK, the difference of language could be a problem, but we understand English and most of us can write something understandable (if not perfectly correct) in English -Bittermind or Koreth, with whom we started some works last year, could testify. And we plan to make translations in English of our works too (which could be published in our fanzine, online or submitted to Signs & Portents). We just need help to do that in reasonable delays.
And we too have a need for more graphical designers. Our doors are open !

We give you a rendez-vous in some months for the release of the first issue of Scriptarium, le mag'. The content is still in its inception - note that we already have a lot of text and maps relating to Durenor, Kalte, the Wildlands, Cloeasia, Vassagonia and the Stornlands, (including never-before-seen data by Joe Dever), two new character classes, scenarios and campaigns from three different authors, and much more screaming to published.

See you very soon. In the meantime, we wish you several epic Lone Wolf sessions!

Floribur (Florent Haro)
in the name of the team made up of :
Ikar-tas-Kai (David Latapie)
Lokhuzor (Éric Dubourg)
Reinaldo Gomez-Larenas
Christophe Insa
Zorkaan (Vincent Lazzari)
Emmanuel Luc
Vincent Moreau
For immediate release: A dragon is born - Draco Venturus.

The Daring Drake has finally hatched !
What a pain to have brood him all this time, even if we were many!
But what a joy to finally see him flying on hiw own wings after some halting steps!

Scriptarium is proud to announce the birth of the first issue of the free fanzine Draco Venturus, devoted to roleplaying games, gamebooks and fantasy, in french for now.

Among other things in this 1st issue:
* The origin of the Kai Lords
* Port Bax (including the translation of Darren Pearce's text plus new elements about the city's background, and a new adventure)
* exclusive gamebook in the Kirlundin Isles (250 sections)
* An introduction about Titan, home of the Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery! gamebooks
* News and critics about RPG and gamebooks (Magnamund, Titan and other ones)

The staff welcomes any input and proposal for collaboration, be it from author, editors, illustrators or translators.

We wish you pleasant reading!

Lair or the Dragon (website announcement):
Larder of the Dragon (forum):
Isn't it?
Quite an excellent text! :wink:

Not very new, but still rich and interesting.
And Shzar's developments (including an adventure in the city) give another dimension to the original text.
If some LW GMs want to read them in English, we could consider translating them (even if we naturally prefer writing than translating).
Zager Krahl said:
I tried registering for the English forums, but the page kept throwing out errors... Any light on this?
Did you get a French interface or an English one?

Anyway, I changed the permission. The English forum is now opened to everyone, n sickness and in health. Please don't hesitate to notify, should you experience any issue.