Fifth Frontier War Miniatures


Campaign Hype Image v5.pngHi, Ben from 2nd Dynasty here! We make official Traveller 3D printables.

We are pleased to announce that our Traveller license now is directly under Mongoose Publishing, which means that finally we can offer products that follow the artistic style of the most played Traveller edition today!

Hopefully launching this summer, we have an STL and physical print campaign tying into the Fifth Frontier War! Zhodani and Imperial troops coming to your tabletop!

Of course we want a ton of feedback on this, and are going to shortly be appealing to the community for feedback and suggestions (or feel free to get the ball rolling below on what you want to see), but yeah, hop aboard the hype train!

Summer 2024!
One thing that struck me is that we need one or both of:
  1. Striker III - a miniatures war game ruleset for the Fifth frontier war. Currently, I'm dusting off Striker I, printed out one of Ben's 1:270 broadsword cruisers, 2 matching modular cutters and have 6mm minis and vehicles from GZG to create my mercenary company.
  2. A skirmish ruleset – boarding actions or otherwise I don't mind, but something like Stargrave or 5 Parsecs From Home for Traveller would be sweet.
Of course, I will use these existing rulesets in the meantime, but Traveller specific rules in print again would be so sweet.

Finally, Ben, make an awesome Trepida Grab tank, Astrin APC and a Zhodani Z-80 grav tank based on Mega Traveller era art and I will be extremely happy. My Blender skills aren't up to the task, but these and some matching Minis might force me to buy a resin printer alongside my FDM printer.

Hopefully launching this summer, we have an STL and physical print campaign tying into the Fifth Frontier War! Zhodani and Imperial troops coming to your tabletop!
Being able to purchase the STL is a nice option. (Your library might have 3D printers to print for you depending on where you are).

BUT I would like it instead as a graphic that I can import into a VTT. Several have multiple views which can make great use of something. Importing from HeroForge is a thing. Hope this can be like that too.
Definitely would be interested in the stls (and I'll be scaling them down to 15mm in the slicer as 28mm has no interest for me as a sci fi wargame scale).
Given you already have Star Marines in your 2nd Dynasty range ( and some frankly awful looking Vargr soldiers, I'm assuming you will start with Zhodani, and then maybe Sword Worlders and Darrian?
Plenty of options out there already for 15mm Zhodani, so I won't be biting on them, but would love to see some Sword Worlders at about TL11-TL12 level with ACRs, tac missiles and VRF Gauss Guns. A miniature of the Gram Grav APC (Masala) from CT Adventure 7: Broadsword and DGP's 101 Vehicles would be awesome.
The following is a joke and is in no way indented to cause offence
Tell her it can print knitting needles of any size...

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I'm really interested in these, but full disclosure: as of the present moment, I'm more liable to print out one representative of each faction (Imp Marine, Zho Marine & His Dog Warbot, Daryan soldier [possibly an Aslan?] and a Sword Worlder) and have them set up on my shelf as sort of display pieces than actual use in play.

This stance might change significantly once I finally cave in to The U̷r̷g̸e̵s̶™ and get myself a 3D printer instead of relying on my friend's magnificence in lending me his.