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Hi Folks,

New to this board. I like the idea of sharing adventure ideas and gaming experiences. I'm just writing my first CONAN rpg adventure. Enjoying writing and loving being able to immerse in the atmosphere of Howard's world. It is slow progress, however, as my ideas seem to come in fits and starts. Concept is not exactly original - I am aiming for a traditional story and approach. For those who are interested...

PCs have been enslaved in Koth and begin adventure on the run through forested highlands in north eastern Koth. PCs are minimally equipped (dagger, tattered clothes & an iron slave collar around their necks). PCs are being pursued by minor noble (their 'master' or 'owner') and a small retinue of soldiers (too many to take on in combat unless PCs have some kind of advantage). Run to ground by dogs and handlers at perimeter wall of a ruined city deep in forest. Escape into ruin, using maze of crumbling buildings to evade pursuit. Whilst in city... discover that city is inhabited by a degenerate race of savages that practice human sacrifice. Three way cat and mouse between PCs, small groups of pursuing soldiers and bloodthirsty savages. Opportunities for interaction between PCs and soldiers who become separated from their party and must work with PCs to maximise chances of survival. Night falls and savages go to ground (city falls silent). Dead things in archaic armour stalk streets and kill any living creatures they encounter. Feeling of doom. Sooner or later, PCs stumble on massive temple in centre of city. End up barricaded inside to avoid walking dead - come face to face with vengeful noble and a handful of surviving soldiers. Conflict between noble and PCs interrupted by the true source of evil within the city - the whispering shadow (far too powerful for PCs so becomes battle of wits between PCs and noble to avoid whispering demon and escape. Following dawn, survivors able to escape from city. Surviving pursuers have no more stomach for hunt so surviving PCs have earned their freedom.

Stats for Whispering Shadow:
Medium, Demon of the Outer Dark
Hit Dice: 25 (150 hp)
Inititative: +12 (Unnatural Reflexes)
Speed: 30 ft.
DR: NA (Can only be injured by weapons of pure silver)
Attack: Touch +20
Full Attack: Touch +20/+15/+10/+5
Damage: Icy Touch 1d10 + Soul Drain (Special)
Special Attacks: Whispers of Terror (Will Save [DC 18] or target flees blindly for 1d20 rounds. Awful to Behold (All who see the Whispering Shadow must make a successful Will Save [DC 14] or become paralysed with fear for 1d6 rounds); Soul Drain (Any target hit by the shadow’s touch attack must succeed at a Will Save [DC 15] or they will die and become resurrected as one of the walking dead).
Special Qualities: Immune to all mind influencing effects and physical harm (except that caused by pure silver).
Space/Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Saves: Fort NA, Ref +18, Will +20
Abilities: Str 20 (+5), Dex 20 (+5), Con -- (--), Int 3 (-4), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 26 (+8)

As you can see, still incomplete. Lacks Skills / Feats and Description (I have a vague idea of a humanoid silhoette with a hideous utterly alien visage but still not really sure).

Any comments or tips anyone?


I like the looks of it. It combines a lot of elements from the Conan stories. Lost city, savage race, player's fleeing with little equipment, the teaming up with people who once were enemies and, of course, the unbeatable terror.

My players got their glimpses of why the Conan RPG is different from regular d20 over the past two weeks. They ran into a powerful demon and wisely hauled butt out of there and this past week I started the scenario with the players locked in prison.

They complained about lost equipment for awhile and then laughed about it. The uncertainty of how a scenario might start has them excited and ready to play each meeting.

Looks like a good start.



To be honest, the Whispering Shadow looks like it was designed for a Total Party Kill - if they see it they freeze in place, if it touches you you die, and it has 4 attacks... and, oh yeah, it can't be hurt. The last part is doubly serious seeing as how fleeing slaves probably won't have pure silver weapons. Granted, the DCs are relatively low and I have no idea what your party level is, but it really feels like over-kill.

A few small changes could correct this, tho. I would make the fleeing-in-terror bit the automatic attack, and it would have to make a specific (magic?) attack on someone to freeze them in place.

For a plot note, perhaps they might see one of their missing companions (or pursuers) among the dead things - this could give them a clue that they might not want to stick around and try and take this thing.

Other than the above, the plot looks good and could be fun, particularly if you have spooky sound-effects and low lighting to really pump up the atmosphere.
Thanks for the feedback folks. Yes, you are right about the stats for the Whispering Shadow. I think I have got a little carried away with the idea of Fate Points and Left for Dead. Like I say, I haven't played yet. Your suggestions give more of a fighting chance without having to rely on GM override and almost make the creature seem more sinister (due to the control of the abilities). I will incorporate these changes but still keep the core beastie as way too tough to tangle with (after all, one of the things that I am most enthused about with roleplaying in Hyboria is the idea that life is not balanced and that, sometimes, discretion is the better part of valour. The idea of vulnerability to silver is twofold...

i) Gratuitous indulgence on my part as GM as the PCs are not likely to have a clue about this weakness and have no way of finding out. I like depth to creatures and stories, even if PCs remain ignorant. I feel it helps me to generate verisimilitude. It makes things/events deeper than mere story elements.

ii) Possible later discovery in future adventure, leading to a return (there will be riches aplenty and I rather like the idea of the PCs coming back some time later with a crude idea of what to expect and a plan to go on a treasure haul. Things will, however, have moved on by then...

I am still puzzling over how to incorporate a real feeling of the horrible and alien into my description of the Whispering Shadow's face. I fancy playing with the PCs perceptions a little and really putting the frighteners on but am unsure how to avoid cliches and the like. I guess I want a traditional feel but don't want the cliches to detract from the revelation of horror. Any ideas on something suitably weird I could incorporate?


sword'n'buckler said:
Thanks for the feedback folks.

I am still puzzling over how to ...

just wondering - are you continuing to finish up this idea?

I'm looking for a fun first adventure for my gang and this one's shaping up nicely if you don't mind my snatching it...
Just wondering if you were planning to finish.

Please feel free to take ideas if thats what you mean. Yes, I am still continuing with this idea - I'm just a very slow writer as I have to be happy with every scene. If you want to know what I have done so far, please let me know...


sword'n'buckler said:
Please feel free to take ideas if thats what you mean. Yes, I am still continuing with this idea - I'm just a very slow writer as I have to be happy with every scene. If you want to know what I have done so far, please let me know...

I sure would.
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