Need More Professions to choose from?


If you need more professions for your campaign, check out Cultures and Professions Collection I - Imperial Professions from Silver Acorn Design.

In the tradition established by Magical Traditions I - Spellweaving, this document can be downloaded for free by clicking the following link: Imperial Professions.pdf

or by going to my wiki at and follow the links through the Runequest Related section until you reach the above link :p .

I designed these 'social classes' and professions for use in our Leshan Campaign, but they should be usable for any "Imperial" setting. This product references the Magical Traditions I - Spellweaving supplement and several, as yet unfinished documents (The basic info on the other Magical Traditions can be found in the wiki)

Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to follow the link from the wiki home page to my forums if you wish to discuss this product, or if the fine folks from mongoose don't object, have at it here :D

If anything isn't clear or is confusing, feel free to ask me here, pm me or use the email link at the wiki to ask questions.

Hope you find some use from this item.

Anthony C. Hunter
Silver Acorn Design