Narn Book?

I think we can count on that (barring extraordonary circumstances like a meteor hitting the main Mongoose offices).

After all, how could they do EA and Minbari, while leaving out the Centauri and narn... and once they do the big four, I expect them to turn their eye towards the League, the minor powers and the Ancients...

I'm sure they won't run out of stuff to write about for a looong time! :wink:
The reason that there hjasn't been any official word yet is that Mongoose haven't confirmed their 1 half 2004 release list. But I'm sure that the Narn book, along with the two Season books will be on there.
Actually if you go to Mongoose mentions the Narn book in it's midwinter release schedule. There's no definite date given but my guess in March of next year.
The Narn book is scheduled for Febuary huh? Ok I'll expect it in April (they've been off by about two months on all the big B5 books)